Tuna or other yummy protin recipes

  • Hey guys!


    I am getting a little bored with the Hard boiled eggs, Left over chicken chest, and cottage cheese - anyone have some great protein recipes I can easily prepare or just pull out of the fridge for my mid-day meal.


    especially looking for some great tuna recipies becaue I have avoided it thus far - The old me LOVED tuna salad with lots of full fat real mayo!! The new me wants some tuna that isnt swimming in a sea of mayo!!!


    P.S. Sorry about the chicken chest, I am sure you know what I mean... LOL... I just hate to be censored!!!

  • You can mix a bit of that shredded chicken chest with some mustard, dill relish and green onion....

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  • This one sounds weird, but give it a try, it's actually really good.

    1   4 oz packet tuna in water

    2  TBSP FF SF peach yogurt

    1  tsp chopped pickle jalepeno (if you like heat)

    Mix it all together and serve on a low carb WW wrap.

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  • I'm a huge fan of extra lean ground beef. You can brown up a couple of pounds with some montreal steak seasoning and keep that on hand.  3oz serving size gets you right in there around 20g of protein. Its great in a sprouted grain tortilla with some greens or other low carb veg.

    today I made two meals by mixing 6oz browned lean ground beef with 2 cups raw broccoli slaw (this is just shredded raw broccoli and a couple of carrot shreds I bought it at Trader Joe's) and 1/2 cup roasted corn kernels.  I shook this all up with 2 tablespoons of Galeo brand Miso dressing Sesame Flavor (low fat low cal salad dressing)  Anyways it was DELICIOUS! Great meal 2 and meal 3.