• WOW how can this be


    I am currently day 1 week 4 of my first BFL and here are my results thus far (let me say im finding these difficult to believe)



    Began at weight 224lbs                          now 4 weeks later 206:4 lbs


    Weight of lean body mass 167:62lbs    now  184:22


    Percentage of lean body mass 74:8%   now 87:7%


    Lean body mass to fat ratio 3:0 to 1     now 7:1 to 1


    Total body of water52:8 litres               now 62:0 litres


    Weight of body fat 56:38lbs                   now 25:78lbs


    Percentage of Body fat 25:2%               now 12:3%


    Even the lady who performed the test was taken aback by the 4 week results,

    Me im wondering if the computer somehow got it wrong.  The photos I got for 4 weeks don’t really represent what the figures say. Although I have lost a lot around my belly though still got these love handles (why does one call them love handles they are so ugly lol) to lose


    Im not sure what all these numbers mean but they better than what they where

  • Wow, those are some fantastic results!!  I can't wait to see your 8 & 12 week progress reports.  Nice job!!

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