Started June 7th...coming out to say hi!

  • I've been mostly lurking on here for a while just before I started my BFL journey and only have replied to one person.  Thought I would officially come out and say hello to everyone!  I just finished up my third week.  I'm more than thrilled with the results.  I went from 142.6 to 136.6 & have lost a total of 9.13".  Not a bad start, but don't expect it to be this fast the whole 12 weeks!  I'm actually shocked given from what I gather women usually see most changes in the last weeks.  I'll take it though!  Here are my before/current pics.  I'm only weighing in every 3 weeks, but measure weekly to know I'm on track.  Pics every three weeks on weigh-in day.  Looking forward to being more involved here instead of just lurking. =)

  • looking great already! Nice work!!

    Vegas Dave--I know we can do this, and together we are so much stronger. We have the power!!

  • Thanks!!!

  • Congrats already. Thanks for having the courage to post. You've inspired me to keep going.


  • Aw, awesome Jules!  How far in are you?

  • I started week 4 today. I'm too chicken to get on the scales or to take more photo's'. I've noticed my clothes getting looser so I'm using that as my progress. I feel GREAT !



  • akmama - changes are visible already!!  You are gonna rock this thing!



  • Hey girl, there you are! I thougth I saw you reply on a thread but then *poof* didn't see you.

    Progress even MORE noticable in these pics. Lookin good!

  • Looks like you're doing pretty good! Keep up the good work! It just feels so good to stop thinking about what you want and actually doing it.

  • That's all that matters then Jules!!!  WTG!

  • @Kisha--thx girl ;)

    aletteri~ Thanks!  Yes, it feels like a way of just plan, workout, and eat right...simple enough, right?  You just do it.  

    Thank you so much to everyone else who welcomed me and commented on my progress so far!  Without my online community friends I don't think I would be as successful!  The support is entirely and immensely appreciated.