What should I have for mid Afternoon snack that's portable?

  •  I usually have fruit and cottage for mid morning and evening. I tend to have an apple for snack for mid afternoon and a few almonds with it. I cant really have gluten so I am not sure what else I can have any ideas? 

  • Sharona,

    Have  you tried a protein shake like Myoplex?  They have the perfect balance of protein/carbs and are easy to transport.


  • Starkist makes a great portable tear open package of tuna throw in an apple and your all set.

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  • Every night I make a shake with low fat milk, protein powder and malted millk powder and put it in the freezer. I take it to work and put it in the freezer there and take it out at lunch time. By the time mid afternoon meal rolls around it's just right. If you squnit and tilt your head it's almost a milkshake ;-)

    It's also very portable. Sometimes when we go out on our motorcycles I'll throw a frozen shake in my saddle bag. It's perfect on a hot day.

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