just started almost 2 weeks ago have a question

  • I just started 2 weeks ago I am a female 5 feet 4 and have to lose quite a bit of weight. I am doing the excercises as described in the book however I look much bigger than when I started and already gained 3 pounds and my stomach looks really big. Is this common reaction? As well  since i cant eat anything with milk prodcuts in it can only eat soy I don't have many options to choose from. I ma eating around 1500-1600 calories in a day I find that I get hungry quickly with this program. Please comment to see how I cann improve my food intake

    Meal 1- 3/4 gluten free cereal with 1/2 cup soy milks and a few strawberries

    Workout 20 min cardio or 45 min weigh training

     Meal 2- Banana  and nut butter

    Meal 3- Salad, Gluten free rice bread one piece with 2 eggs or tuna

    Meal 4-apple, cheese string

    Meal5-veggies, chicken 6 oz rice 3/4 cup

    Meal 6- rice cake with nutbutter

    plus 8-10 cups of water




  • Hi Sharona! Your meals are pretty good, just I would recommend eating some eggs with your cereal in the morning. You want to aim for 15-20 grams of protein per meal. If you're pressed for time in the morning I would recommend buying some soy protein powder and mixing that with your soy milk and then top your cereal off with that. With the berries I bet it would taste wonderful!  Welcome to BFL!

  • I definitely afree with the guy above. Definitely get more protein in your diet. The average person usually consumes a majority of their diet from carbs. Seeing as that carbs is 40% and protein is 40%, you need to uptake your protein.

    As a simple rule of thumb, since they are both 40% of the diet, they should be easy to portion out. The cheese string and apple for example is hardly enough. Add one more (small-medium) source of protein.

  • Can you workout before you eat??? On arobic days your body will burn fat for an hour after your workout. So if your can workout and and get ready for your day and then eat it may help...your body will be burnng fat that whole time, and add egg whites in the morning.

  • and water...don't forget to drink ALL your water. I add lemon to mine all day.

  • Sharona, welcome to BFL!

    I would suggest adding more protein as well. Most women need to get 20 grams of protein per meal. I try to get the same amount of carbs as I do protein, so you should also choose one protein and one carb for each meal if you can. For instance in meal one though the soy milk has protein in it, milk is a carb, and so is the cereal and the strawberries. Stick as closely to the authorized food list in the original BFL book as possible. Hope this helps.

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • I agree with tisha i actually think your meals don't look good at all and not compliant with the BFL way of eating.  Try choosing 20g of protein and choosing another 20g of carbs from the approved lists in the book.  Do that six times a day.

    you do not say how much you weight though at five four you are not very tall. It is possible that 1600 calories a day is too many for you.

    Also the gluten free items you are describing are made with rice and are therefore not really allowed on BFL. BFL is supposed to be whole grains.  I'd start looking for better carb choices. Can you eat ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas?

    Although honestly I still don't see how you could actually be GAINING weight when doing BFL workouts and eating as you describe. I mean hey your food isnt BFL perfect but its certainly not fattening!  It might be some freak thing with your body overreacting to the trauma from weight lifting and retaining a bunch of water. Are you sore alot?  Also women's body weight can fluctuate by up to five pounds just based on time of month alone (again water retention)

    So I'd say really clean up that diet! 20g protein 20g carbs six times a day.  And do not choose refined carbohydrate sources which I think your bread and cereal and rice crackers all are. You may have to go real basic and just do yams or other vegetable carbs like small potato. Check the carb list in the book again.  Stick with it a few more weeks after you clean up the diet.

  • EDIT AND ADD: Oh, and also your rice is that brown rice? its supposed to be brown rice.

  • ADD TO LLPIRATA: The reason she states this brown rice is because it is a slower digesting carb, meaning it is less likely to be stored as fat as it doesn't rush into the bloodstream. Also, it will help you to feel fuller longer, as will any carb with fiber. Eating fiber and drinking water will really expand in your stomach, giving you the effect as if you were "full". Nothing is necessarily "right", it's just what is recommended for BFL because everything has a reason. But then again, some people's bodies respond differently to certain foods than others. All in all, good luck!