What do your children think of BFL?

  • This morning, my daughter and I played a new game.  It was called, "let's see which dresses Mommy can fit into now that she's lost 15 pounds!!!"  She really liked the glittery, New Year's Eve dress that Mommy hasn't been able to get on in about 5 years!

    I really like this game.  I think I'll play it again in a couple of weeks.


  • My 11 year old son is pretty much eating what I eat. But my dilemma is my grown daughter and her boyfriend who live with me. It seems that my "diet" food is not enough for them. That I should fix double the portions for them. My family is on a tight budget as it is and she knows it. If I fixed double for them, the food would last maybe half a week. They are constantly eating ingredients that I bought for specific meals.

  • Soniadanette - Thankfully, we are not on a tight budget, but I do get a lot of food at our wholesale club where you can buy in bulk and it's cheaper.   Especially for protein powder or bars. My family eats a lot of the same foods as I do, but they do eat larger portions and extra unauthorized foods.

    I have a similar problem with my husband eating my food!   He's a marathon runner and is constantly eating, especially leftovers which I have planned for another meal or as an option for myself when my family is having unauthorized foods for a meal and I'm not.

    I have taken to "hiding" some food in leftover cottage cheese containers because no one but me seems to like cottage cheese!  I also hide specific things on the bottom shelf in the back of the fridge!  Do what you have to do to succeed!


  • Ha Ha! The cottage cheese idea is a great one. I also think I can freeze extra things and hide in freezer.

  • Hello!  I would like to share a little about my children.  I have two boys and one girl....ages 14, 12, and 9.  We have made this a family affair with body for life.   My 14 year old is very athletic and fit and has voluntarily started a BFL program!  He has even made his own binder....I'm so impressed!  He plays basketball competively and runs track.  He wanted to condition this summer for the upcoming season and decided BFL was the best way.  I'm very excited to see my children learning healthy habits that can last a lifetime.  All three are participating by eating a balance of protein, carbs, fats, and veggies.  My youngest is very overweight and I can't wait to see how things change for her.  I used to feed them "kid" foods and I would do BFL.  I finally figured out.....this has to be a family change.  I kept gaining the weight back.....Go Figure!!!  Anyway, wish us luck as we all work on our individual goals!  We are teaching our children that personal fitness can be applied to anything they want to do in life.  A strong mind and a strong body.  Our oldest has a learning dissability and this mentality has even helped with that.  Good Luck to all of you and try to incorporate this healthy eating into your families!  Believe Me....I've learned the hard way.

  • Good for you Susie and the family. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • You ROCK!  What a great answer.

  • Thank you Sharon!

  • Thought I would share my experience with my granddaughter this morning.  She is seven years old and she stayed the night with me last night.  She doesn't have an ounce of fat on her body very thin yet this morning she had to let me know that she was getting fat and she needed to lose weight.  I told her you might need to gain weight but you certainly don't need to lose weight.  She replied but I don't want to look like you used to I want to look like you do now.  lol  I told her thanks I think.  Then when I asked her what she wanted for breakfast she wanted french toast.  When I asked if she wanted anything on it she replied yes mam fat free syrup please.  


  • My daughter got a goody bag from a birthday party on Sunday. As she was scoping out the loot, she pulls out a piece of candy and says,  "Here Mommy, you can have one of these dark chocolates - it's your free day!"