What do your children think of BFL?

  • Hello.  I am in Week 4 and have 3 kids who notice everything.  I thought it might be fun to start a thread about what our children think of us being on BFL.  Here are a few examples.

    My 7-year-old daughter said something today that made me realize she really "gets" this.  It was in the 90s this afternoon and she was really hot so I said she could have an ice cream sandwich as a special treat.  She noticed I was not having one, too, and she remarked, "That's okay, Mom, you can have one on your free day!"

    Yesterday, my children thought it was perfectly normal that I was not eating an early dinner with them.  "It's not time for you to eat yet, Mom?" my son observed.

    Back on week 2, I noticed my daughter was measuring the rice on her plate with her fist like she'd seen me do.

    What about you?




  • I don't have kids.

    I have a pet bunny rabbit.  So far she's REALLY enjoying the apple and carrot peelings... I didn't used to eat fruit AT ALL so the BFL Way of Eating has opened up new realms of treats for her.

    *wink* *wink*

  • At first my kids (13 & 15) would complain that there friends don't want to come over because there is never any food to eat.   Now I can't keep fruits in house long enough for me to get some.   BFL is just "Life" in our house anymore.

  • This one is a fun one for me.  Initially my older boys (27 and 26 now) were teenagers and totally ignored me.  My youngest however has watched the whole process.  He's 18 now and happens to be my biggest fan.  He tells me all the time that he wishes he had my work ethic.  I tell him quite simply, you do, you were born with it.

    He's already asked for my BFL jacket.  I told him to earn his own!!  :o)

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  • This is great... My 11 year old asked last week if we could go out to eat and to the movies on my free day. I just giggled. I think that deserved dinner and a movie just for appreciating and thinking of me.

    Kids are great.

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  • Hi,  My adult sons (26 and 21) love that I am on the program.  they have seen me  in the past have great  success with it (back in the late 90's).  My youngest son (5) doesnt notice but he loves the chicken and the fruit and yogurt that is always available now.    jill

  • llpirata - thanks for the laugh!  Clare

  • My kids love it. My oldest 11 loves to look at the pics for 10 years ago when I completed the challenge after having him. So they are watching to see if I can do that again.

  • I have two boys (ages 3 & 6), and they too have caught on.  Saturdays are now "Family Free Day".   They get to have dessert and special treats on that day.  My three old asks almost daily, "Is it free day?"  Not only do I get really excited for my free day (this is week 12 for me), but so do my kids.   It's amazing how much healthier we have all been eating over the last three months.  My kids beg me for my non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt with bananas.   My six year old told me a couple days ago that he didn't have as much of me to squeeze when he hugged me.  Now that is absolutely the best compliment I've received!!

  • My kids had pizza the other night and thought it was perfectly normal that I had grilled chicken over salad instead.  They don't even question it anymore.


  • My step-kids (15 and 16 at the time) didn't really say too much until one Saturday morning after returning from the gym they told me I looked good.  They were usually still in bed when I got home at 7 a.m. and had never seen me in my gym cloths.  We didn't have them all the time so they didn't realize I was getting up so early in the morning on a regular to go to the gym.  It was something like "wow, you look good, what have you been doing?" with a "yes you do" thrown in.

    My 26 year old daughter thinks I'm on some restrictive diet (she knows it's BFL).  I'm working to get her on board.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • My daughter is 5:

    - she insists on putting on her bikini and getting update pictures every couple of weeks

    - if I go to put my hand in her popcorn she says " you are going to ruin you BFL"

    - she tells everyone she is also on BFL

    - when I do sit ups she does jumping jacks

    - she asks when candy is going to be on BFL

    - she tries all my protein shakes

    - I give her a tsp of the omega 3 oil and she says it's BFL

    - she keeps flexing her bicep at me

    - she told me that I'm not fat the other day

    - she weighs 39 lbs, when she weighs herself it never changes but she always makes the remark three eight, I'm getting stronger

    - she steals my salad

    lucky for her she has her dad's super lean body, she loves veggies

  • Janice44 - your daughter sounds adorable!  I am finding I always have to get out another healthy snack for mine when I have my mid - meals.  Not a bad thing, really!  Keep up the good work!


  • My oldest  saw me drinking the Myloplex Light  Drink for breakfast and is now convinced that I am "crazy."  "How can you drink that stuff?" he asked.  I told him it tasted good.  "You're still crazy."  he replied.  

  • My daughter saw me eating a few peanuts and she says, "aren't you supposed to save those for your free day, Mom?"

    I've now got 3 living, breathing, consciences to keep me in line.