Starting again-diet planned-but could I be eating too much?

  • I am going to start bodyforlife very soon again and I have my diet planned but I am wondering if its too muuch food

    I am 295lbs and 40% bodyfat and my diet cals workouts out at 2900 calories,40% carbs,40% protein and 20% fat, im just worried when you put a freeday on top of that on day a week ill lose nothing
  • Actually, to be honest, it's almost not enough. A simple calculation I will use is start by multiplying your bw X 13-15 and you will get the amount of calories you need to lose weight. You can even drop it by 100kcal if you must. Working out and dieting correctly, you WILL get results. End of story. The first couple of weeks is always the hardest as we all seek immediate results. When you get past this stage you will start to notice more improvements in yourself and will become more motivated. Take it one day at a time. Keep yourself motivated. Just remember to do bodyweight training, lift weights, and include HIIT into your regiment and you will succeed. I have faith that you will do GREAT. Just believe in yourself and push yourself beyond what you percieve to be capable.

  • My C1 starting weight was 221, after doing some calculations I probably hit about 1600 calories a day with my food. 12 week result was 34 lbs lost.  I went from 35% bodyfat to 26%. I felt great on that calorie load.

  • Believe me when you start working out you'll know that that's not enough food!!

  • I wouldn't increase above 2900!  Start out at the level you have planned and follow it for a week.  You'll know how you feel hunger and energy wise. I predict that will be enough if not more than enough food.  Honestly I'd feel comfortable at your size going all the way down to 2200. But start wher eyou have planned and see how it goes.