Michael Romeo's transformation

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    I don't want to come across an overly negative but come on 92lbs in 12 weeks , that just doesn't seem possible or healthy to me.Michael are you member here ? Perhaps you could give us an account  of your plan

  • 6pk,

    That has to be a typo on that success story; I don't think there's any way with that much muscle that he weighs 153 in that after pic...I think the most I've heard males lose during the challenge is around 40#. Yes, 92# in 12 wks would be insane!

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  • I dont think it is a typo, is mentioned twice

  • Well looking at his before photo, I can see how it probably did lose 92 lbs.  It all depends on how it was distributed through is body.  Who knows, some of that could have been (not to be gross but...) waste, water, etc.  Guys do lose a lot more than we women do. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!