I am starting tomorrow June 21st a friend told me about this

  • Hi Everyone anyone else starting June 21st? I started last Wednesday to try to get things organized. Looking for easy meals for on the go that I can put in a cooler and my hubby and I are going on a motorcycle trip. Any ideas to stay on track. I did find a hotel that has a gym.

  • Welcome Project120,

    Congrats on your decision to get healthier and fitter.  If you are bringing a cooler then just about anything is possible.  I would recommend getting inexpensive plastic containers and making up entrees with 1 protein portion and 1 carb portion.  Freeze them and then microwave at your hotel.  You can also bring raw frozen veggies and do the same with them.  Local stores will probably have the veggies though so you might not have to travel with them.

    Also those pouches of tuna travel well.

  • Hey Project1120,

    We are all at "Dream Team"...check it out!

    Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!