Dream Team!

  • Dear Dream Team,

    I started on the 21st too and have been silently reading your posts and enjoying them.  I recently subscribed to this thread and your posts come to my Blackberry now!  This made me feel like a thief, stealing your posts and benefiting from them without posting back.  So here I am joining the party a little late but on board and ready to start the 4th week.  

    It's late, so I'll post more about me and my process later, but I just wanted to say hi...and THANKS!!

    If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten!

    My FOURTH Challenge: May 23-Aug. 14, 2011.  Began First BFL Challenge on June 21, 2010

  • Hey!!!  I think I saw a hip bone!  Lol!!

    Welcome Jen4Life!  We are happy you are with us!  

    Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!


  • Hey Dream Team!

    Ive decided to have FreeDay Today again, i had it last saturday too, i couldn't wait the extra day, my cravings were too strong this week! All is well though, im just going to enjoy it. Cardio and good eating for me again tomorrow!

    Enjoy your free day tomorrow everyone!

  • HI All!

    Wow week 4!!  WOO HOO! I am so excited so many are still here and doing well.

    I slipped yesterday not doing my workout.  I worked 11 hours and was just too tired when I got home. I did eat well and pumped a little muscle doing hip and knee films all day long on big dogs so not a complete waste.  I'll just do an extra workout today.

    My husband finally told me I was looking good this week. I complained I had not lost anymore weight and he replied " Don't worry I can tell it is working. Your face is thinner, you look thinner all over and your HOT in that tee shirt today! " LOL  that pumped me up. But serioulsy, my very best day so far was Friday when I came home from working such a long day and my husband had fixed dinner. He took the effort to check the book and the list to see what "we" could eat. Then we talked about how hard I have been working and how he is inspired. He even bought a couple books on tape about living a healthier lifestyle and staying fit. I was impressed.

    We also have a "challenege" of sorts at work now too. No more fast food lunches, almost everyone is baggin it now. One of the guys works on the weekends at a friut/veggie stand so he is bring lots of fresh produce for us as well. We also talking about start to hit the gym together after work. My reply "Go Team Columbia!!" I was very excited about that.

    Well everyone have an awesome week 4! I am rooting for everyone as always. Keep up the good work and remember we are all in this together!


  • Hi everyone,

     I woke up this morning so aching and sore from this last week I didn't think I could get out of bed. Finally just jumped up grabbed a bottle of water and hit the elliptical before I could think about it. I hit a 10 to soon and had to slow down and start over. Anyway I am soooo glad to have 48 hours to recoup before I start again. Week 4 Yea!  I',m having a Reese's peanut butter cup milkshake for cheat day, can't wait!

    Wanted to say Hi to Jen4life and welcome aboard!

    Michelle I was excited last week when I saw your post, I raise English and French Bulldogs some for companion pets and some for show. I spend about 3 days a week at the vets, The dog scales are what I weigh myself on!


  • I just switched my blackberry storm over to a droid so that i could get on easier to read the posts and try to put some feedback myself. Well let me just say that I had a very good first week then the second into the third week were a bit challenging as my hubby and I were traveling on a motorcycle and kinda got off track but as of last thursday have been diligent and in fact I'm hitting the gym tomorrow to make up for last Monday and Tuesday not working out. Oh and I also had a pulled hamstring so I was nursing that but no excuses I'm in it for the long haul. I WILL LOSE 58 lbs! Thanks everyone for all your posts it kept me from giving up.

  • Jen4life: welcome aboard!

    I was doing my LBWO today and I pulled my groin muscles doing leg extensions on a weight machine.  Yikes,  I stopped when I felt the pain.  Good thing tomorrow is a rest day.  Has anyone else done that doing that type of lift?  I will have to be careful and stretch really good.  I was on my 12's when I did it.

    Tomorrow is free day, yeah!  I am going to have a Snickers bar for my splurge.  I might have a sinful meal, but don't know for sure.  Definitely no alcohol!  Last week was not worth it.

    I am keeping the faith on this program.  I am not seeing the scale move, but my clothes are feeling looser and I know that I am doing good things for my life.  Progress not perfection!

    Good luck this coming week Dream Team Members


  • Thanks for the welcome, Dream Team.  Since I'm a little behind in terms of getting to know you...

    I turned 40 this year and I was kidding myself that I looked pretty good "for 40" but it was a rough year. I have some free time in the summer so I decided to get a fitness assessment and spend some time getting in shape.  I was SHOCKED to see my body fat was up to 31%!   I had been 18% in my 20's and didn't even appreciate that was pretty good back then!  Youth is wasted on the young!  While my assessment showed my CV fitness was above average for my age, clearly the yo-yo dieting I've been doing- gaining and losing the same 20 lbs for years- has taken it's toll and I'm tired of feeling I could be so much more fit.  I really want to tone up. I dusted off my BFL book (I never did a challenge before but loved the principles in the book) and I started.  The photos my husband took for me were very depressing. I actually thought I looked better than that-lol!  Maybe I'll post them one day.

    A full three weeks in, I feel great!  Barely any movement on the scale, but I expected that.  A few muscles are emerging and it's the tone I really care about.  I am highly motivated right now and seeing your posts, knowing you are all out there planning your days and hitting your highs and making it work, makes me feel a part of something outside myself!

    I am taking my free day today.  The last two have been a little more out of control than I would have liked- just because I felt so sluggish.  Mostly I am looking forward to the break from planning and regimented meal times.  Just a breather.  Sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee and snuggling up to my son, instead of putting on my running shoes and heading out the door first thing in the morning, and then timing when I drink a protein drink afterwards!  Don't get me wrong- I am loving the new routine, but the BREAK is so welcome.  I appreciate it more than I ever did before.  It's a CHOICE to take a break and it will give me energy to start again tomorrow.  I want to take photos again at the end of week 4, so next week needs to be really clean.

    Anyway, thanks.  And have a great day!


    If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten!

    My FOURTH Challenge: May 23-Aug. 14, 2011.  Began First BFL Challenge on June 21, 2010

  • Good "free day" morning everyone!  

    Have an awesome day off from intense exercise and clean eating!  See you all back here tomorrow for the start of WEEK 4!!!  Yahoo!

    Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!


  • Hay!

    This is the end of my week 3 today! Although I missed my cardio session this morning, i will do cardio 1st thing tomorrow morning followed by LBWO later in the day.

    I was at a car boot sale today and got some new equipment and free weights, so i done an extra session on my chest to experiment with the new different weights.

    Im about to start a Creatine cycle too! Hopefully get better gains musclewise!

    Go Dream Team!!!

  • Yeah, end of week 3.  I feel great.  I was out shopping today and noticed all the summer stuff is on sale.  What do you guys think about buying a swimsuit the size I want to be?  There are some really cute ones out there.  And, you know, we are all going to be "smokin hot" when this is all over. 



  • Hey all,

    I've been kind of quiet but I am still here pressing on! The business of dealing with being laid off is very stressful but I am determined to get through this. I am still struggling with eating enough. Getting breakfast in a timely fashion has become increasingly difficult. I am trying to see the positive side though. At least I'm not overeating. Intense stress causes me to lose my appetite, though. I missed two days of exercise last week, but I just did the workout the next day. I don't know how that will workout but I am just glad I haven't thrown in the towel. I took my before pictures on June 22 but I'm not going to post them until the end. I know I will see a difference even if it isn't what I expected in the beginning. Tomorrow is a new day! I am ready! I am determined! I CAN DO THIS!





  • It has been a while since I posted anything. My husband and I went away for the holiday weekend. The 4th is also our anniversary.  We celebrated our first year of marriage. We returned home on Monday the 5th and my husband decided to join the gym with me. He was amazed at my determination to get every workout in during our vacation and the fact that I didn't go crazy with my meals...I also surprised myself!!  I have been on track...eating clean and doing all the workouts. I am still trying to get all my meals in, but I am doing much better. Since my husband joined the gym I am going later and this makes the afternoon meals easier.  I can't notice a huge difference in my clothes, but I can see a difference in my face.  I know the rest will follow later.  I can't believe that I am actually doing this and I am in week four.  I feel great!!

  • Hi all,

    Free day was nice I had sushi and a piece of white bread with full fat mayo. The last part was a whim and a blast from my childhood. My cousin bought white bread and we never eat white bread now I remember why though!

    Ya know Caryl, I do take supplements...when I remember! LOL I am trying to be much more consistent about it. It's HARD things I need to remember to do keep falling out of my brain. I might need to take something for that too...if I can remember. I have the vitamins in a place that I can see. Right below my protein shake mix. Maybe I need to put the bottle IN the shake mix.

    Thanks Marisa! I will send you what I have today :) I did a little digging of my own over the weekend and it seems that I sooooooo don't get ENOUGH calories!! 940 was my number from Saturday :o

    And that was with all 6 meals. I don't get enough carbs either. I'm thinking of adding rice to my diet as a staple or something because it's hard for me to reach that 20 carb amount per meal. I haven't really lost anything, though not discouraged by that. I'm just trying to figure it out! *sigh*

    By the way can you eat protein pancakes for 3 out of 6 meals??!? I LOVE those things!!! Without syrup.



    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • Tia I didn't read your question until this morning.  You posted at the same time we close.  Yes she did measure with a food scale.  No wonder you were tired 940 calories is no where near enough.  Eating too little is as bad, if not worse than eating too much.  I know you weren't doing it on purpose and I am glad you are getting a handle on it early.  You WILL get this and you WILL have a great transformation.