Body for Life followers in Colorado??

  • So I started Body for Life June 14th and I really think these posts will help me stay on track.   I live in Colorado and would love to know if anyone else out there wants to start meet-ups or groups to help each other stay on track.  Any takers? 


  • Hey there Tonya... I'm in CO around the Denver/Aurora area. I started on the 7th. I'm not much of a group meeting kinda guy but I thought I would still say hello and welcome you to the club. I completed a BFL challenge back in 03 and had phenomenal results.  Unfortunately it should have been called BFA (Body For Awhile) because I left out the "for life" part and am now in worse shape than when I started 7 years back.  Is this your first time or are you returning?

  • Hey there thanks for saying hi.  I am looking forward to this go round.  I started for all of a month back in 1999 but didn't complete it.  So, I am challenging myself to actually follow through and keep this promise to myself.  My biggest challenge will be number one having my meals prepared in advance to keep me on track and number two, not eating with stress.  So what are your challenges?