Starting first challenge monday June 28th!!!!!

  • hello all,

    Starting my first challenge Monday June 28th and i am very excited. Let me know if u start around the same date so we can help each others.



  • Hi Max,

    I will be starting my first Challeng Monday the 28th as well. I am eager to learn, share and experiance this change in my life. Would be happy to stay connected with you and others as this occurs.


  • This is great!!!!  Im sure we can do this together Tawana!!!!

  • let us know if anyone starts around that date. We are 2 so far!!!!

  • I too plan on starting my first challenge Monday June 28. I am 54 years old and have been in shape and out of shape many times. Hope BFL will get me in shape and keep me in shape. Need the competion to stay motivated. I really like the forums to share information and know that I am not the only one out there stiving to improve my health. Surely, I can do almost anything for 12 weeks. And if I can do it for 12 weeks, I feel there is a very good chance that I can do it for life. Appreciate any help or encouragement offered and would love to offer the same to others.

  • Hi Everyone,  I also plan on taking the challenge on Monday June 28.  I am 52 and I have been on South Beach Diet a few times but the weight keeps coming back.  This time I am going to do the body for life and get that lean and tone body I have always wanted!  Good luck to all of you.  We can encourage each other through the next 12 weeks!

  • Hey Maddie and Travel Girl....

    So glad to have you join Max and I, its been fun already just getting to know Max and talk about our personal stratigies. I am looking forward to learning about you both and working through this challenge together. BFL sure seems to work, I had some success in the past but didnt allow it to be a lifestyle change, this time MUST be different!

    I love the thought of .. If I can do this for 12 weeks I can do this for life.. thanks for that !


  • Hey Maddie and travelgirl!!!!!

    i am happy to see that we have more people joinning tawana and i on that great journey. we will sure need some motivation and support from each other. we still have almost a week to get prepare to our challenge !!!!

    looking forward to get to know you 2

  • Hi guys!

    I am also planning on starting BFL on June 28th. I have never actually taken the BFL challenge before so I am very excited to get started!!  

    Is anyone planning on purchasing the starter packs from I was just wondering if it is worth it or if I should just go to GNC for the EAS stuff?

  • I have not really looked at how the pricing of the starter packs compare to local prices. I aready use Myoplex Lite and probably will just continue to purchase locally. May need to look at some of the other supplements down the road, but think I should just keep things simple to begin.

  • Hello all -

    I am so excited to know all of you are starting the BFL challenge on June 28th. I will too, it's my bday on the 28th, but luckily I am celebrating 2 days earlier, on Saturday. I am turning 27 years old and really need to change my unhealthy ways. It's about time! I am here for motivation and to motivate, so please feel free to comment anytime.  

    Let's get ready for this challenge! I'm up for it! Let's focus for the next 12 weeks! We can do this if we stick together!

  • I as well am starting on the 28th. I've already been lifting for a while so don't forsee any problems in that aspect of the challenge. It is the nutrition and the organization to facilitate it that I need to figure out. Any suggestions for staying organized with nutrition/shopping?

  • Hey guys and gals, I'm starting on the 28th as well and hope to get to know you all better and I will stick to this commitment, Its time to make a change.

  • I am in my second BFL challenge.  During my first challenge I discovered fitrx.  You can buy myoplex on this website for 50% or more off of the retail rate!  It usually arrives 3 days after ordering and I have never had a problem with it.  If you order over $200 of merchandise the shipping is free.  Otherwise it is only a couple of dollars.  They have sales which allow you to save even more but it will mean buying a greater quantitiy... ie 4 boxes of Myoplex.  That's how I do it though because it is so cheap.  Hope this helps.

  • I will be starting the challenge the 28th also!!! :) Can't wait I am sooo excited!!