Question About First Week Weight Loss

  • This is not my first go around of BFL.  I did it once a long time ago (about 7 years ago), and lost a lot of weight.  Unfortunately, school amongst other things got me on the wrong track and I gained most, if not more back.  I finally have a free summer to myself to get back in shape, and I've already started for a week so far (eating extremely healthy, exercising every day).

    The problem that I have so far is this:  I'm eating healthy (small portions, 5-6 times a day), drinking water, and exercising every day (be it lifting weights [I'm mixing in p-90x], or running for 20 - 45 minutes).  I also am taking Alpha Lipoic Acid because I don't want to lose the muscle that I have, just the fat.  I started last week, and weighed in at 225.8 lbs.  I weighed myself in the beginning of my day.   I continued with my week, and stepped on the scale again 8 days later, and weighed 223.6 lbs.  That was a little weird to me because I drink only water, I eat healthy, and I'm doing right.  I also remembered losing about 10 pounds when I first started in the first week 7 years ago.  On top of that, I went about my day, and thought, maybe the scale is broken (brand new scale, but you never know).  I stepped on it, and weighed 225.6 lbs.  Granted, that weigh in was mid day, but I just feel like my weight loss should be so much more than what it is (at least water weight)!  This is pretty discouraging.

    I don't plan on stopping.  I won't stop until I've reached my goal, but I definitely want to make sure that nothing's wrong with me.  I'm even scheduling a doctor's appointment to check out my blood tests, and get his opinion on the matter.  I feel sore pretty much all the time, but it's not terrible, and aside from that, I feel amazing.  I just wish my weight would show it.

    I guess my overall question is, should I feel concerned?  Is this normal?  Do you have any recommendations as to what I can do to make it better?  I'm all ears and open to suggestions.




  • Bill with any weight loss program it will be different for everyone.  Age, activity and even your stress levels could alter your weight loss, but remember at the same time you are gaining muscle.  I wouldn't weigh myself too often as it varies so much and go by how you feel and look, the scale will eventually catch up.  I started June 14th so good luck and stay mentally in the game and physical will follow...


  • It is normal! The weight didn't pile on over night nor will it come off over night. I have been in your shoes and frustrated BEYOND BELIEF!

    Stick with it. Stick with it. Stick with it.

    Did I mention....stick with it? LOL

    Good luck!

  • I agree with the posts above.

    On my C1 on week 8 I did a weigh-in and found myself having lost muscle instead of fat whilst being at the same weight.

    Check your diet - are you eating enough protein? (that was my problem)

    Check your rest- are you sleeping enough for your muscles to rest? (the p90x is intense and I don't think it encompasses enough rest)

    Check your w/o - are you stretching and hitting the 10s? (BFL workouts are short but intense. Are you accidentally cheating yourself?)

    Basically, there could be a lot for reasons, and of course we all need to know our bodies.  

    In any case, keep going until you make it, and you will!



    Body for life? How about a Lifestyle for life?

  • ttuguy: I just read your post. It is clear to me that if you are doing more cardio, more P90X stuff - you will get THOSE results and not Body for Life results. If it is BFL results you want, you clearly JUST do Body for Life.

    I am not saying what you are doing is wrong or bad or anything like that - just that to benefit from Body for Life you have to do the book. I just passed a "tweaking" post a few minutes ago on my computer....I'll find it for you.

  • Tweaking the Plan

    Life Long Learning Gives Life Long Results!

    by: Michael Harris  9/26/2008

    Life long learning is a big buzz phrase these days, which essentially communicates the fact that there is no stability in jobs anymore. Today’s job will be gone tomorrow, so you’d better be always learning as technoclogy changes--that’s the normal use of the phrase. But, in diet and fitness, it’s necessary for an entirely different reason. Life long learning adds confidence to your diets and workouts, prevents "tweaks," and gives you life-long results.

    Here’s how it works. When most of us started body for life, we read the book and took off! FOr some of the newbies, that book isn’t even deemed necessary. They simply scan the website, pick up a few of the principles, and get going! And, while I admire the enthusiasm, I just can’t say much for the approach, because it simply doesn’t work well. Embarking on a plan that you truly don’t understand is a little like heading on a cross-country trip without a map or a GPS--a risky adventure.

    My experience is that if a person not only knows the "hows" of a program,, but the "whys" as well, it is much more likely to be completed successfully. Here’s why. If all you know is that this is how the book says you should do it, you’re apt to fall for every new idea or tweak that comes along. This happens all the time on the guestbook. For example, there is always the "abs bootcamp" craze, which sweeps through the guestbook about every 6 weeks. Those who don’t know that the reason they aren’t seeing abs is because they are still too FAT, and who don’t realize that ab muscles should NOT be worked more often than any other muscle, just somehow decide to go off he deepend and begin doing tons of exercise that at best wastes a lot of time. But, don’t take my word for this--do some research on muscle tissue and you’ll see that abs need the same kind of recovery and exercise regimen that arms and legs do.

    In the diet arena, folks are always tweaking the diet and eating too much of the wrong stuff. Free day abuse will essentially take several days to get over and WILL affect the outcomes of their challenges. Because people do not understand that fats don’t you make you fat--carbs do--and how that all works with insulin doing the work, they just have difficulty sticking with the diet. The more you know about how it works, the less likely you are to veer off into eating that is more likely to produce fat than muscle.

    How do you get this information? I buy books--all the time. I pick them up at garage sales, library book sales, and other places, for less than a dollar a book. I read everything I can get my hands on that is written by Barry Sears, the Zone author. He is the godfather of the theory and science on which the BFL program is based. I also read good web sites, such as Brian Deeds’ website, the link to which is on my own website, at Brian knows his stuff and he has some great new articles on there about insulin and supplement timing.

    If you’re serious about getting and staying fit, learn everything you can about how and why. Not only will it help YOU, but it will also arm you to help your skeptical friends, too!

  • You are probably replacing fat with muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you could be much lower in fat than the scale is telling you. Use measurements, not scale weight to determine how you are doing. You can have a lot of muscle with a higher scale weight and smaller size.

  • My advice is "stay off the scale". I just completed a 12 week challenge about a month ago. I weighed myself on day 1 and not again until day 84. That was the best thing I ever did. As the weeks went by  I let my pants and belt be my measuring stick as to my fat loss.'s fat loss not weight loss that we are after. One of my favourite quotes is "success is doing the right thing for the right amount of time". Keep doing what you are doing and in 12 weeks you will be happy you did.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Ditto the "stay of the scale" sentiments.  Go by measurements, BF%, how your clothes fit, how you look and feel.  The scale will only frustrate you... especially those that are putting on muscle.  If you are following the plan and the BFL book to the T... just have faith and trust that it will work because we all know it works especially those of us who have done it before (like yourself) and had phenomenal success when we did it.  

  • Thanks for the replies.  I think staying off the scale is what I need to do.  It's just irritating.  Most people who work a job for two weeks at least get a pay check; I just like seeing a little result to know I'm doing right.  It's weird knowing that my body has changed that much in seven years to not recognize diet and exercise to burn fat as quickly as it did back then.

    Legs C3 - you're right, p-90x is more cardio, which I would think being more cardio, I would burn more fat.  As stated before, I've done the BFL challenge, and did really well.  I think I lost like 30 pounds.  The thing is, being in college, I still worked out through-out the years, I just never ate well.  The reason why I chose P-90X is because I wanted muscle confusion.   I remember back when I was doing the BFL challenge (and I'm sure most experienced people can relate), that it got to a mundane point.  All you did was the 12, 10, 8, 6, 12 reps of whatever exercise you were working on, and then the alternating cardio the next day (which I actually really enjoyed in cardio because it made it easier to want to do it).  I found that with BFL my workouts were not as intense unless I was doing lower body,  Upper body just seemed to be brisk sweats, even though I was pushing myself above and beyond my limits.  With P-90X, I sweat intensely, and I just feel better about my work outs.  The only modifications that I've made is that I'm not doing P-90X everyday like they want.  I'm doing an upper body day on one day, cardio the next, lower body day, then cardio the next day, then upper body day... alternating, etc.

    Dan in Asia - my diet is solid.  I'm getting about 175 to 195 grams of protein a day (which is about normal amount judging by the charts).  I'm eating lean meats (turkey, chicken, tuna, salmon).  As far as sides go, pending on the time of day, it's either oatmeal (breakfast), slice of whole wheat bread, vegges, or an avacado.  The rest part has been haunting me.  I am getting about 6 -7 hours rest on the weekdays, and 8-9 on weekends.  Work is really bogging me down, so the rest part is tough, but I still think 6-7 hours isn't terrible.  As far as intensity, I'm definitely hitting 10s.

    I think this next week, I'm going to bump up my intensity on cardio by trying for  a longer duration.  If I don't see results by Friday morning, I think I'll try cutting out the Alpha Lipoic Acid.  Small chance, but maybe my body is having a bad effect with it.

    Thanks to all who replied!  I'll let you know how it goes.

    Oh, and Legs C3, if you have suggestions to make a BFL workout more intense and incorporate muscle confusion, I would love to hear! :)

  • ttuguy: Good call staying off the scale - I hate mine too. Since August, and 3 full challenges I have lost 15# of scale weight. My pics are on - Cathie. I see change, but it has been slow for me. I began as a chuck roast with marbly fat all throughout my body and am slowing turning into sirloin. Leaner, toned. I have a long way to go, but I am happy with the progress.

    As far as muscle confusion - I understand what you are saying and in all honestly was considering doing P90X rather than a C4. I came very close to buying the CD's but then decided, why change my routine when I KNOW BFL works for me. If I do what the book says and eat clean every day it will work even better! (I took many free days over the months..) ANYWAYS, the way I like to confuse muscles is by switching my excercises up every few weeks. The body will adapt quickly and "grow" muscles where they are torn up to prepare for the next time you work it that way. Be creative, change the lift and the lowering tempo, lift heavy, hold at the top. Turn your thumbs down, palms down, palms up...I am not sure what more I can say about that...does this help?? By doing BFL previously, you are ahead of many and know what to expect. Keep with it, and your results will be amazing.

  • Cardio will burn more fat - I agree, however it is the lean muscle that KEEPS the metabolism on fire throughout the day. That is key and therefore our strength workouts need to be hard.

  • Cathie- WOW!  That's an awesome transformation.  Congratulations.  Aside from that, the website in general is really cool.  I'm glad someone introduced me to it.  Some of the stories on that site are really impressive.  It makes me want to exercise right now, but today's my off day, and I know how the body reacts to an off day; so for now, I'll just sit anxiously awaiting tomorrow.  Maybe one day I'll put my pictures up there, but for now, I'm keeping the pictures in a safe place (haha).

    I agree with your statement about muscle keeping metabolism going throughout the day.  The difference is very minor in the day when you eat, and exercise.   It's when our bodies are at rest (sleeping at night) is when muscle is important.  One thing that I'm doing to keep that metabolic rate high is taking a casein protein before I go to bed.  It's a slow, time-release that assists in nourishing my body at night.

    I guess now we play the waiting game.  Let's see what next week has in store.



  • Thanks ttuguy (Bill) - and yes - the cottage cheese is a great last meal of the day, and pretty common I think. I mix mine with fruit, yogurt, salsa, green onion and salt and pepper to name a few - but usually its yogurt before bed with the CC.

    Im glad you are willing to "wait" this out. When you feel down, try to remember all the teeny tiny but extrememly important things going on INSIDE your machine.

    Power to you my friend.