Whey or Soy??

  • This is my first weekend into the challenge and I started with a small container of Soy protein. Its almost gone, and I'm wondering if I should stick with the soy or go to Whey. I have been trying to research it, but I get a lot of conflicting information. Is it true that Soy aids in water retention? Should I stick with soy for weight loss and then switch to Whey when I want to build muscle or does that even matter??

    I need some opinions/advice/expertise... what ever I can get.




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  • I prefer soy, but have switched to whey because it is supposed to be the best for muscle recovery.  I think whey would be preferred after a workout, but soy would be o.k. at other times of the day.  It's good to mix things up.  Just my opinion.

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  • whey. all the way.

    google dangers of soy if you're unconvinced.