Restarted - weight issue question

  • I completed a 12 week challenge back in 2001.  Now I'm doing it again for myself, and after a week of eating BFL with clean food small portions and 5 to 6 "meals" I am up in weight, not down.  About a 1lb, maybe more.  I don't remember this happening before.  Did anyone else gain their 1st week?  Do I keep going?  I'm trying to lose not gain!  And I had been really restricting my food before starting back on BFL , so could that be why?

  • There can be so many factors playing into this weight gain. Questions for you:

    Same scale?

    Did you weigh yourself the same time of day?

    Are you certain your portion sizes were accurate?

    Assuming you are female- Could PMS be a factor?

    Did you drink enough water? Water retention could play a role in this...

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  • Super it would be a good idea to stay off the scale for the first four weeks if you can manage.  

    Take your measurements and as long as your waist measurement is dropping know that you are making progress.

    Absolutely keep going and be sure you are getting all 6 meals in and make sure that the six meals are equal portions of carbs and protein and that you include 2 veggies per day.  It will take your metabolism about two weeks to get used to eating this way again.  You can do it.  BFL in it's basic form has not changed since you did it last time.

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  • I agree with Michelle stay off the scales for four weeks (or even longer) if you can.  I actually had my roomate take my scale away to keep me off it.  Like you I was transitioning off a different and restrictive Way of Eating.  Anytime you drastically change the type/style/timing of your food intake your body can react unpredictably. And yes I hate to say it but it probably really IS water!