What do i do with a injury..miss that workout of do something else

  • Kia Ora (Hello in Maori)

    well I tried to do uppers this morning but my shoulder was burning with each different part of the upper body as soon as I started so I was advised no uppers till my shoulder gets better...great!!!(not)..so the dilemma is do I do nothing on the days that I have uppers???? I am at my wits end!!! Just when I had got past my first goal of 10days..this is where I gave up last time....but all in the past now??? Also does anybody have some good exercises for dynabands for the complete body (hopefully my upper body is better) as I am off to Auzzie from NZ (where I live) for a holiday but wont be able to make it to the gym...so will be working at my auntys with my dyna band and skipping rope


    the advice would be much appreciated


  • I am not a doctor but be careful with injuries. I hurt my knee during my first challange. I tried to ignore it and went on the tredmill anyway. Bad idea. What could have been a few day setback turned into more than a week.

    No matter what DON'T GIVE UP! Continue eating right and workout as best you can. Focus on progress not perfection.


  • thanks for that Orrin..dont worry i wont give up..just frustated because I really wanna be able to do uppers and that cancels me out for Waka Ama as I cant paddle as well...but at least i can still do cardio 2moro and lowers the day after :)

  • hmn just a random suggestion but maybe do ab work instead of UBWO. You could do a more complex ab routine? just til your shoulders better. I'm a pirate not a doctor... but be careful with your injury!