What is "lowfat" cottage cheese?

  • The reason I ask is I can get a big tub of 2% "lowfat" cottage cheese inexpensively at Costco, but if that isn't low enough, I will have to spend the extra at the grocery store.  What do you folks use?  I would say at least 3 of my daily meals incorporate the stuff, so I would like to save the money if I will not sacrifice results.



  • 2% is low fat.

    get it :)

  • yeah, I use the 2% too. I mash it with a potato (instead of butter and sour cream), and the best is I like to mix it up with canned tuna instead of using mayo! YUM!

  • I normally use "1%" or "fat free" but if the 2% is much cheaper than use it. There is not a huge difference in the fat content or calories but there is some. I actually dislike CC but I found that if I blend it (I use a Magic bullet) to a sour cream texture it taste much better. One of my favourite BFL meals is a yam with blended CC spread over top.

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  • Thanks Erica!

    I'm going to try your cottage cheese recipes!

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    Dee :)

  • I used the fat free exclusively for my challenge.  It was usually my last meal of the day.  One serving for me was 1 cup.  The calorie difference for 2% (194 kcals) and fat-free (104 kcals) is 90 kcals.  Over 12 weeks with cottage cheese once per day except free day this adds up to 6,480 calories.  A pound of fat is about 3700 calories so this represents a little less than 2 lbs of progress.  I'll take the fat-free.

    Sephiroth2906 if you are using it in three meals a day then it can significantly impact your results.

  • I always use fat free too, I didn't find a whole lot of difference in taste. I also use FF sour cream, FF cream in my coffee, skim milk etc.

    I'm trying cottage cheese mixed in with my baked potato tonight!

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    Dee :)