Not enough..........I need to eat more! Any Road Cyclist out there?

  • I know this sounds crazy, but I am taking the challenge because I need to eat more....I am a road cyclist and tend not to eat enough.  I have lost up to 10 pound a season, sonI thought to myself....BFL makes you eat...I remember this because there was a time that I was slightly over weight.  However, now I am so asctive that I forget to eat.....BFL has a great balance betwenn food groups that help you stay healthy and strong....great suppiments too.....So, any cyclist outthere?  what do you do to get enpugh calories?

  • It depends on your distances that you plan to ride. Your losses, were they lean muscle or  unwanted fat. Another thing you might want to look at is the calorie output and your BMR (basal metabolic rate) that amount of calories that your burns just existing. We know as cyclist that you can burn a ton of calories, so my sugesstion is increase you protien uptake to start increasing lean muscle.  I am planning to ride in the Pelotonia here is Ohio this August. It is a 183 mile Cancer ride for research. I understand exactly what you are talking about.

    I know that it is not much but it might help


  • Christopher, That is exactly why I am doing the makes me eat more.....I am adding much more protein and trying to balance out my calories....I usually put in about 200 to 250 miles a week.

    Good luck on your ride......

  • BFL makes you eat, but that's relative to how much you are cycling.  I found that even with BFL nutrition it still was not enough in the tank to keep me from bonking at 21 miles.  See how you do on the regular BFL nutrition for a while but keep in mind that if your legs are feeling like lead, then you'll need to eat a little more.

    Remember too that's it's not the protein that will support your cycling, it's the complex carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice and red potatoes that will fuel your rides.  You need the minimum of the 20 grams protein six times per day, but you will want to make sure the meal before and the meal after your ride contain complex carbs instead of fruit or veggie carbs.

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  • Hi Redhdsandra,

    I actually ride with Team in Training.  I have completed 3 centuries.  I love riding, but 2 surgeries within 6 months have left me overweight.  That is one reason why I am here doing BFL.  I did start riding again and had my first 16 miler this past weekend.  Along with my goal to shed some pounds, I also want to be ready for another century in October.  Nutrition for riding is extremely important.  How far are you going?  Below is an excerpt from one of my TNT coaches on eating and how much your body needs.  One of my favorite meal rides comes from Lance Armstrong.

    Whole Wheat bread with cream cheese avocado and turkey.  I slice it up into 9 pieces and eat it whenever I need something.  You will bonk if you are not getting enough water too.  Let me know if you need more info on hydration.  I have that.  Good Luck... ride on.


    We gave some examples of nutrition before, during and after the ride.  There is no hard and fast correct way to have the proper fuel in your body.  We are all different.   You all need to start learning what to eat the night before a ride.  For me, using pasta to carbo load does not work.  The next day, I feel heavy and sluggish.  I need a more balanced evening meal with some carbs balanced with protein.  Breakfast needs to be eaten at least 1 hour before the ride starts to allow your body to fully digest the food.   When you are working hard, your body has a difficult time trying to digest food.  During the ride, you need to be replacing about 200-300 calories per hour.  You can use gels, goos, PB&J, fig newtons, bananas.  Start experimenting now to find what tastes good to you and provides energy.  If it doesn't taste good, you will not use it.  After the ride, you have a 30-90 minute window to receive maximum benefit from your meal.  Chocolate milk is good for a quick snack followed by a more substantial meal.