looks like around 15 starting around 14th

  • that's great right! if we all lose 20 pounds each that's... well its allot!

    it looks like there are about 15 of us starting b 4 l about the same time.most of us for the first time but some have done the challenge a few times. i think we can band together for support 7  encouragement .

    i already took some advise from some veterans and changed my free day to saturday. so i got started today ! i took pictures measured my bad self & hit the gym today. i like having a set goal so i know when to stop. i don't think I'm doing the exorcises right , & I don't know what to do about  my left side being so much weaker than my (also weak) rt side.

    i hope there is some way to keep in touch with each other it seams like it will be fun.

  • I think we can get each other as friends on here, sort of like facebook.  From there we can swap e mail, or just send each other messages from this site.

  • Hey russell and zwl,

    I'm starting on June 14th also.  I went shopping today and got my good food.  Tomorrow I'll be starting the workouts.  I had a question.  I know aerobics/cardio is better if you do it in the morning before you eat, but what about weight training?  I was going to weight train before lunch tomorrow because I don't have enough time in the morning before work.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Peace out!

  • I actually have to try to do my weight training this morning as well.  It should be fine, but I'll let you know how it works with me.

  • Well overall the weight training went well.  When it comes to weight training, working out before you eat is a good idea.  I worked out doing upper body before I ate, and I felt great.