New here, need direction !

  • Hi,

    I just stumbled upon this site and this is great. I guess the first step is to get the book - Body for Life? Does the book shows how to do exercises for beginners?

    I want to enter the challenge not for winning sake but for my own sake. Does one need to take commercially prepared protein shakes/bars/powder in order to get fit? Can I use egg whites/chicken lean protein/natural foods alone in order to get in shape?

    Thanks a lot.

    Looking forward to start this journey with you all and get in shape.



  • Mona,

    Yes, the original Body for Life book has pictures of some of the common weight training exercises.  It is important to switch up the routine every 3-4 weeks to have an added benefit of muscle confusion.  So, when you are looking for more exercises go to or for examples of exercises for any body part, and for exercises with dumbbells, barbells, or machines.  These sites are great, because they have videos, so you can watch them and get details about proper form, that are tough to see in a picture.

    If you want to officially enter the challenge, buy at least one EAS product and keep your receipt for entry.  

    Absolutely, you can use natural "real" foods to get into shape.  Since we consume 6 meals a day, sometimes that can be difficult.  So, shakes come in handy.   I depend on at least one RTD (ready to drink) a day, sometimes two, because they are easy to grab and go, and I can drink one in a minute or two.

    Some key things about the program, that I found helpful:

    To know how much protein and carbs you need per meal: use your lean body mass (there is a lean body mass calculator in the tools section) and divide that by six.  For example, I have about 120lbs of lean muscle mass, so I get 20gms protein per meal, and 20gms carbs per meal.  For items where it is difficult to use fist and palm method, use the labels, like for cottage cheese and  yogurts.

    On cardio HIIT days, it is best to do it on an empty stomach, and if your goal is fat loss, do not eat for at least an hour after completion, for optimal fat burning.  

    On weight training days, eat or have a shake within 30 minutes of completion of workout.  Your muscles need fuel right away to begin rebuilding.  Research shows that whey protein is absorbed and assimilated quickly, so a whey shake is great after weight training.  The information on this site says that if fat  loss is your top priority, that you should weight train on an empty stomach too.  

    For your last meal, try to eat casein protein (cottage cheese or greek yogurts),  because casein protein is absorbed S-L-O-W-L-Y...and then your body will feed off that through the night, instead of your hard earned muscle tissue!

    Hope these tips help!

    Good luck,


  • Welcome aboard Mona! :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Thanks. Those are wonderful tips! With small kids it will be difficult for me to go to gym. What are the very basic exercise equipment that I need at home?

  • Thanks. You have done an amazing transformation.

  • An exercise ball and free weights.  Here is a website with great exercise ideas using everything from machines to your own body weight (  Also someone started a thread about home gyms.  Check it out and see if you can get ideas from that thread (

    Hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Thanks.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!