Is it normal to get sick?

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm a newcomer to the forums - I've just started the challenge; I did read the book several years ago and while I did not follow the challenge to the letter, I incorporated it into my then-existing workout and diet plans (I was quite the fitness guru back then) and had great success with it. Anyway, I'm back now - with a question for you:

    I started BFL yesterday - since I wanted to start on Thursday, I just jumped in at Day 4 (I'm not entering the challenge, so it should be all right). I am proud to say my first day went very well: I stuck to the meal plan, was focused and intense in my workout, felt energetic, and didn't even feel too jealous while my husband ate white hamburger buns and Goldfish. :-) 

    This morning has not been quite so wonderful. I woke up feeling like I was burning up with a fever. That normally only happens when I'm very dehydrated, which I can't imagine being the case seeing as how I had more water the day before than ever in my life. My head was killing me, and just a few minutes ago I threw up. 

    Is this normal for Day 2? While I have my share of caffeine and have struggled with quitting smoking for quite awhile,  neither caffeine nor nicotine withdrawal alone has ever produced these results in me. (The scale does say I'm four pounds lighter than the beginning of Day 1...but it IS the morning, and I DID just throw up!). And yes, I'm fairly certain I'm not pregnant ;p So...what's up? Any thoughts?

  • Sorry you aren't feeling well.  I have not heard of anyone having the same issues.  Are you sure it isn't something you ate or just a bug?

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hope you get to feeling better CallinH!  It is really hard to say.  I'm definitely a lot warmer throughout the day (I notice it a lot at night before going to bed) but it is no where near a "fever" range I wouldn't imagine.  I'm just attributing it (mine) to my metabolism kicking into high gear because of eating 6 meals a day and some pretty intense workouts.

    Let me ask... are you taking any supplements while on the challenge?  The only reason I ask is the first time I did the challenge several years back I took fat burners (which I wouldn't necessarily advise doing and I no longer do that either) and I would go SO hot and during my workout and I would have such a reaction to them that I would *almost* throw up.  Something else is are you lactose intolerant?  I became lactose intolerant towards the middle of last year (I never knew it could just sneak up on you like that) and I've noticed that many protein shakes and protein bars have dairy in them so I have to take a lactaid with almost every meal I have including my shakes/bars.  But then again... that probably wouldn't have you throwing up... that tends to usually have an effect on the opposite end (pardon the pun for a better lack of words).

    I can't imagine what else it would be so hopefully you maybe just have a 24 hour bug or something.

    Hope you feel well soon!

  • Thanks for your response - I am not taking any fat burners, just a One-A-Day vitamin supplement and fish oil. I'm not lactose-intolerant (as far as I know!) so perhaps it is just a bug. At any rate, I still made it through my workout today! Now to try and keep some food down... :x

    Thanks so much for your responses and support everyone! I can tell this will be a great community to turn to for support throughout my BFL experience :-)