Gained Weight?

  • On Monday I weighed in at 144, and today I weighed in at 149.  I have followed the book and do not understand why I have gained weight.  I thought I would loss weight. 

  • Actually gaining isn't unusual.  This is a blog written by Mike Harris I think or aussie-Debs, it should help you feel better about what's going on:

    1. Weight gain the first two to three weeks in spite of eating less and exercising is quite common, especially among scale-watching females.   The gain is usually a combination of bowel content weight from a higher than you are used to fiber content in your diet, plus some water retention that comes from a combination of dietary changes and rigorous exercise.  As you know, water weight is easy to both gain and lose, so just keep drinking plenty of pure water, up to a gallon a day, and you’ll soon see some adjustments there. In the meantime, stay off your scales and weigh just weekly at the same day of the week and same time of day. Don’t get hung up on the fat percentage function of your scales. It is essentially worthless!

    2. To determine portion sizes for you, read page 73 of the Eating-for-LIFE book (which is what I assume you have) and it will tell you a bit, but don’t ever assume that a "serving size" in the book is the same thing as a portion size. You should probably be eating about 40% of each recipe you cook, and your mate 60% because all the recipes are a split between what a man and a woman need to maintain. So, if you are eating half of the recipe, one portion size, you will likely gain weight rather than lose it, and he will lose weight rather rapidly.

    3. Keep in mind that changes in women take time and even though you think you may have gained some muscle already, I doubt that has happened in just two weeks. Keep at it and don’t add extra cardio or extra training. Be reasonable on free day, see what happens beginning about week 8, and you’ll do fine. If you would like to see a document that has the transformation stories of many ladies who wrote them on this guestbook, drop me a note and ask for the lady success document. Most of these ladies reported that they were just about ready to quit around 6 or so because they hadn’t seen any changes, and about week 8 things began to really change. Some even call it the 8 week miracle. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but reading it will keep you going I think. I need your email address to attach the document to, so if you are skittish about sharing your address, just go to the website where you can read the document online!

    You can also read the Ladies Success Journal via his website (  Since we recently loss Mike I'm not sure how long his website will be up.  There is a lot of good info there.

    Hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Woner Woman, Thanks for the words of encouragement, and yes that helps a lot.  You are amazing!  I am going to hang in there and keep on going.

  • Also please keep in mind that due to TOM and hormone related water retention many women experience weight increases of up to five pounds that is purely water and will woosh away at a different point in their hormone cycle.  Four days really isn't enough to know whats happening so please hang in there! I'm not weighing until at least the four week mark (its hard to stay off the scale so i had my roommate take the scale away)