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  • Hey All......Hope everyone is aNewbie.....going to start BFL on 17May2010......have a cardio question if anyone would like to gove me some is my email.....Thanks in advance....:)

  • Hi all!!  My name is Becky .. I did this challenge in 2008/2009, then got pregnant shortly after I finished the 2nd round.  I was in GREAT shape, had lost 30 lbs, and CAN'T WAIT to do it again!!  My baby is 5 1/2 months old now, I'm breastfeeding, so I'm a bit nervous about slow results ... but I'm currently right back where I started the first time .. 30 lbs to go!  I'm starting on Monday .. the 17th .. WOO HOO!!!  

  • Hey name is strting myself on Monday 5/17.......congratson your new sure you'll do very email is in advanc....

    Steve (Prior Marine)

  • Hello everyone. This is the first time I have officially started the transformation. I have read the book twice and done the program several times, but never to the full 12 weeks.

    Now, I am ready. I am motivated and want to build the best body of my life before I hit 40. I want to take this journey to learn more about myself and what I am made of. I look forward to sharing my victories and my defeats with all of you out there!

  • Howdy everyone.  I'm not new to BFL, but I am new to this forum.  I went through 12 weeks of BFL in the past and successfully became pretty decently fit and fairly lean.  Since then, however, I've started a new more sedentary job that requires me to sit at a desk all day long.  Due to that, I've allowed myself to get out of the fitness and eating-right mode.  I feel terrible, I've had to buy 2 or 3 new larger pant sizes, and I am not happy with the way I look.  Worst of all, I just have no energy any more when I used to have lots.  My life is now much busier with a stay-at-home wife, 2 year-old, and baby #2 due next month (June).  This go-around (if I truly can manage to get it kicked off...which is the hard part) will be much tougher to get through due to these reasons. 

    My main question right now:  Has the BFL program of about 5 years ago changed in any way?  Are the foods, exercise sets and reps, and "6 days on, 1 day off" all still the same?  Has Phillips written a second edition or changed anything regarding the original program in the original book?  From what I can tell so far, the whole thing is still the same.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    In the next week or two, I'll be preparing to probably give this a full GO and will probably kick off around June 1st. 

    Glad to see so many are doing so well on this program!

    Looking forward to talking with all of you!


  • Hello everyone! I am starting my 12 week transformation on 5/17/10! I am pumped and already have my week 1 diet planned out. I have ran this program several times in the past and have read Bill's book at least twice. I am getting back into shape and want to be in the best shape of my life before I hit 40. I am 38 right now, will be 39 in 3 months.

    Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to all of you! I know what to expect and will be working hard towards my goals. I will be posting up before pics before too long.

    Where do we post the before pics?

  • Hey emery_rn.  Great to have you here, I started a thread just for folks starting the week of May 17th, you can join us there in addition to all the regular posts that pop up here.

    You can post pics in the media gallery, the link is in the red bar at the top of the page.

  • Hi I am a newbie from Australia.  Today is my day one - and already I have a question.. can you drink diet coke on the program?

    I am interested in nominating for the competition but can't seem to find how to do it from Australia.  But not to worry - my goal doesn't change.. I still want to lose weight, tone up and feel great :)

    Hope you are all doing well out there - I will keep this short as am on a break at work .

  • OOps!!  I just looked through the previous threads - am new to all this stuff.. I found the answer - stick clear of diet drinks as much as possible.   :)

  • Kim-welcome to the challenge! Unfortunately you cannot enter the challenge officially through Abbott, but like you said, your goal won't change! Best wishes for your success! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Hello!!! I'm really excited to be taking this challenge. I always have a lot going on and never really get to focus on ME. I'm a single mother of 2 and work a job that has no set hours. Cooking and working out are my worst enemy! However, I enjoy doing both. I guess you could put me in the category of people who say, "I don't have time".

    I started on the food portion two weeks ago and it's going pretty good so far. I am starting a journal tomorrow to share my successes and opportunities . NOT A FAN OF THE READY TO DRINK SHAKES! Has anyone tried the bars or powdered stuff??

    Anyway, here are my goals:

    Overall Goal = Lean and Tone

    Current weight = 137    Goal = 115-120

    Current pants waist = 9    Goal = 5 or smaller

    Push ups = .5    Goal = 20

    I'd like to visit the doctor to get my fat % and stuff. My "bad" cholesterol is GOOD but my "good" cholesterol is BAD. My weakness is Ice Cream and Fast Food. Been doing a lot of Subway though...


  • Hi, my name is Tina, and I go by TLC. I've always given all my TLC to everyone else so now it's my turn.  I am 45 and fat, ugghhh.... I have lost almost forty pounds over the last year and a half but it's time to step it up. I am very excited to do this challenge and win that $25,000. Besides I want to look and feel amazing again. I know I can do it!

  • Hi there folks, my name is Heath. I'm 33 and I've been overweight since I was a teenager. I've struggled with weight issues since I was 13 and I've never been able to shed the extra pounds. My friends say I carry it well because I'm tall, but I'm tired of seeing it when I look in the mirror. I'm just starting the third week and as much as I tell myself I can do this I feel like I'm not doing it right. Luckily I found the "Weeks 1-6" blurb a few pages back, and it mentioned changes being REALLY visible at the end of the third week. I'm not going to give up, but I'm glad I have a place to come to so that I can find encouragement. I'm doing this, because what I've been doing hasn't worked.

    On top of doing the weight training I ride my bicycle back and forth to work every day. That's 4 miles, over uneven, make your legs tired, terrain. I'm determined to beat the things that have kept me down my whole life.

    My wife and I have changed how we eat, and what we eat. No more gorging at buffets or spending needless money at restaurants. Even or free day has become like any other day. I encourage her to stick to the plan, but she knows that I'll change faster and stick to it even if she doesn't.

    Thanks for letting me rant!

    Good luck, we can all do it.

  • Hi :)

    I am in the good ol' "research" phase before I start a challenge.  I am trying to get more of an handle on the Intensity Index.  A friend was telling me that there are physiological measures for the different intensity levels.  E.g. Intensity Level 5 you can still talk while you work-out....level 10 you vomit and pass out...ha ha...just joking...about the passing out anyway...

    I am wondering if some-one can PLEASE give me the run down on those so that I can be sure to work at the right intensity level.

    Thanks kindly!  I hope you are all doing well in your challenge :)

  • Sage~

    Have you read the original Body for Life book? It is a thorough explanation and plan. I have read the book easily a dozen times. Very easy read. Great information! A level 5 is like bringing groceries in from the car. A level 6 is like carrying those groceries up the stairs. A level 10 is definitely inside of your head. A 10 is when people quit because it is overexherting yourself. However, your mind can do INCREDIBLY more than we allow it to do. When you REALLY hit a 10 you will know it. They don't happen every workout. I know I have hit a 10 when I am rambling at myself.

    Research and planning are great for a challenge. Plan, plan, plan. Have you scheduled your start date? Have you set your goals yet? Have you planned your meals or workouts yet? I planned for 2 weeks prior to my start date.

    Ask LOTS of questions. You're going to do great!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)