"I just don't have the time..." Think again...

  • Thought I would put this out here if people think they don't have time for BFL...make the time, it's worth it!! =)

    Where do I find the Time?

    In a 12 week challenge there are:

    2,016 hours -588 hrs for sleep (based on 7 hrs/night) -480 work  - 84 eating   -24 church  -48 workout

    =792 FREE hours

    Daily...24 hrs.-7 sleep  -1 eating  -1 quiet time (God, devotions, etc...),  -8 work,  -1 workout  = 6 Free hrs.


    So...Where WILL you find the time for Body for Life??

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Hey Debbie MO

    I actually found that 'making the time' for BFL, actually freed up about 2 hours in my day.  Being orgainized and disciplined first thing in the morning with my workout caused me to be more efficient and effective the rest of the day.  Making more time for homeschooling, fun stuff, business, church, friends and family and such.  BFL is truely the an investment in time managment.