Supplement questions

  • What is the best time to take your supplements?  I want to start the BFL program and was curious about when to take supplements.  I am a male and looking to increase strength, but not really focused on getting size.  It looks to me like Phosphagen Elite, Muscle Armor, and CLA are recommended for what I am looking for.  I take it that CLA should be taken 3 times daily during meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner).  What about Muscle Armor and Phosphagen Elite?  Should these be taken timed around workouts in order to promote optimum recovery?  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.


  • Mike,

    When i was younger i tried alot of supplements honestly i really can't tell you what worked and what didn't work... The only thing that i can guarantee you that gave me results was ephedra which is no longer legal.

    If i were you i'd start the 1st week or 2 maybe even the 1st month all natural, meaning no supplements but feel free to take a meal replacement like the myoplex shake to make sure you are getting enough protein..

    When you stop seeing gains with the natural approach then i'd recommend introducing 1 supplement at a time. Some may help, some might help just because of the placebo effect but even if thats the only reason they work its ok... But really measure and see what you've gained and see if those gaines continue. Then decide what supplements you really need.

    hope that helps.