Myoplex Bars and Drinks

  • Fairly new to the challenge...well new as of today:) In that I started the challenge today...I have done my research but the one thing I couldn't confirm was are the Myoplex bars and drinks considered a carb and protein or do I need to supplment them with something more to round out one of my six meals? Thanks in advance all

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  • As long as they are Myoplex and Myoplex Lite they are full meals.  

    If they are EAS carb control or advantedge they will need a carb added to them.

    The bars can make you a little gassy, so if you have that happen, you'll know why.  I try to stick to whole foods as much as possible but the shakes are a meal saver some days.

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  • Hey ! Thanks for the quick reply and yup I'm using the lite version. Also awesome story encouraging...and similar...and you look exceptional!! Thanks again!