I just had a baby and I need help getting started

  • My baby is 9 weeks old and I am so out of shape and sleep deprived. I need to go back to work this week so I feel like I am starting something new. I want to join in the challenge but need some motivation. Anyone have suggestions on how to get started? I read the book several times and I have a dusty gym membership. I havn't exercised regularly in a year. I am a bit afraid of exercising so strenuous since it's been so long. The diet part is not that bad, I think I can manage it. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

  • Well, first of all, congrats on the new baby. Second, CONGRATS on taking the first step in a new life. You have read the BFL book and are thinking about taking step in the right direction. Now take another step and commit. I know, it doesn't sound that easy and the first couple of weeks aren't (I never have been a liar). However, I can tell you that in just a few short days of eating right and exercising (following the BFL program) you will feel like you have more energy than ever before. This increased energy was so important to me. I was sleeping in and wasting so much time. Now that I have been doing BFL I get up early every morning, even if I go to bed late, and this is because of how great I feel.

    Yes, your body will be sore from the workouts but that always helps me remember that I am CHOOSING to change my life. You will be amazed at the QUICK changes you will have not to mention results that are SOOOOOO motivating to continue on.

    YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU NEED TO DO THIS!!!!!! Life is so much better and goes so much smoother when you put the BFL program to work. It is strange how this works. I believe that it is not only a physical change but also a mental change as most people who have taken the challenge will agree.

    Another piece of advice is to START NOW! There is no need to wait. Why postpone what is rightfully yours!

    Much Love and best of luck!

  • Oh yeah, one other VERY IMPORTANT thing about the workouts that works so good with BFL, even if you haven't exercised for a while. is that it is all based upon intensity levels that are right for YOU. You should never try to keep up with someone else or feel discouraged because the person next to you is lifting more or running faster. The important thing is that you push yourself to your 10's and increase as needed to never fall into a rut of comfort as this will hinder the results.

  • Thanks Kace2, I just printed the challenge application and now for the dreaded before picture. Wish me luck!!!!!

  • Hi keri2000.. So glad to find a new mom just like me. although my daughter is already 7month old, I still feel like a new mommy. When I started this, I was so out of shape, everyone thought I was still pregnant because of the fat on my belly. But now I'm in Week5 and already loose 8lbs and I can wear my old clothes that I used to wear before pregnant..

    I know it's so hard at first, especially after a long 9month pregnancy and all the baby's activity. But just believe, you can do this! Remember, this is also for the sake of our baby if we have a healthy body and live a long life with our family!

    Decide what u want, believe that u'll have it, believe that it's possible for u!

  • Hey Ladies!  I have an 11 week old baby and just started BFL today.  

    Some questions I am hoping you can answer or give some feedback on:

    Can we do extra cardio or do we need to stick to the BFL program?  I would LOVE to do a spin class but am afraid it is too much and will mess up results.

    Are you eating the 6 meals?

    How or are you getting to the gym before you eat in the a.m.?  I am trying to find creative ways to make this work.  Since the hubby travels, I cant get to the gym till 8am which means I starve for an hour and a half and I dont know if that is a good idea.

    I know I have more questions but thought I would start here...

  • Kace!   So, I didn't follow through long enough and gave up.  But, I am back on day 2.  Thanks for your comments on my post.  I appreciate it.  I will have to take photos this weekend and post them up.  I have now had 3 boys!  

    I can not recall, do I have to do my workouts in the mornings?  I recall this but it wasn't really possible for me to do so I do them in the morning or afternoon depending on when I can get to the gym.  I totally appreciate your response!  

  • I did the upper body weights on Monday and today I am not sore almost at all.  My last sets were so hard that I couldn't lift and finish my last rep.  Is this okay?

  • Congratulations on taking this first step! Having that desire to make a change is so important and you have picked a proven program to make it happen! When I began my challenge last year I was desperately out of shape, 50 years old and struggling with depression and painful personal issues. I began the program and started seeing it as the one thing I had control of. Pretty soon I started to feel better,look better, I became more positive and slept better at night. A year later, against all odds, I was named the womens champion for 46 and over! My suggestion would be to start at a level you are comfortable with and move up gradually with weights. Eat by the program and try not to over-do it on your free days. Soon your baby will be sleeping through the nights and those work outs your doing will help you sleep better as well. Good luck on your challenge!

    You have the power to change your life!