Funniest Things You Have Read On Here Or On The Old GB?

  • I light thread .....

    2 Things come to mind for me ....

    One was a girl asking if she could use wine as her carb at dinner time.  

    The other was JENS calling Fruit of the Loom underwear Fruit of the Ballon.



  • For me Rick it was the time I tried to give advice about working abs.  I said that when you think about it we are almost always working our abs.  Then I started to list some things, some of them funny now, but I was serious at the time.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • My funny thing is a general one, when folks say "I only cheated 10 times with food and missed two workouts in the last week and I don't understand why this program doesn't work for me, I must have bad genetics."