Resistance Bands???

  • Hello Everyone!

    I am going to start the program on Monday and I am trying to plan out my weekend in preparation for starting.  Is it possible to do the challenge using resistance bands as the main form of weight training? I do not own weights and think this would be a better fit for me. Thanks! Jena

  • In my opinion, you can get an awesome workout using resistance bands. They are versitile enough to be able to simulate pretty much every exercise you need to do. You'll probably have to use multiple bands together for certain exercises though, and especially as you move through the program and begin getting stonger. But if you don't have access to free weights or a gym, resistance bands are a great alternative.  Good luck!!


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    I think that you will find that using weights is much much more effective. Yes, resistance bands are great; I use them at home if I have weight day on Saturday and can't haul my kid to the gym, but the workout is rarely as effective as it would be if you were to use weights.

    If this is the only possibility for you, then I would encourage you to research as many moves as possible as you can and how to challenge yourself more with the bands.

    P.S., you will also find that using your own body, (push-ups, tricep dips, etc.) will help A LOT.

    Good luck and welcome to the program!

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  • Maybe you could start with the bands and then begin to purchase weights each week as you progress to give you more variety in your workouts.


  • If you have a nice set of bands and use them correctly, they will work fine and will give you a good, challenging workout. I recommend Bodylastics.