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  • Hey there!  I have been doing the program for 4 weeks, but am just now trying to get serious with the food end of the program (I know, I have been bad).  For snacks, I have included about 2/3 of a carrot and 2/3 of a celery stick with each one just to help fill me up.  Is this alright?  I know I am supposed to eat "at least two servings of vegetables" a day, and have been aside from this, but I want to make sure that I am not shooting myself in the foot by also adding these into my 2 snacks.  I have also been using low-fat cheese sticks as proteins, which seems to be OK according to the Eating for life book, but have also been using a small handful of mixed nuts, and, after looking at the forum, it looks like those are a no-no.  I do usually do Cottage Cheese once a day.  Been doing clementines and apples as carbs.  Is this all authorized? 


    Thanks for the help!

  • Hey Sephiroth!

    I also eat nuts and such but only a handful!  If you're eating your meals right, you won't have to worry about snacks because you'll feel full.

    I also snack on slices of turkey ***, especially at night before I go to sleep.

    My results: I've just completed the C1 and have lost around 3.5 kilos of fat and gained 2 kilos of muscle.

    I'm going to be doing the C2 (2nd challenge) starting this monday! =)

    Good luck!


  • There really shouldn't be any "snacking" while doing BFL if you are wanting to follow the program as it is written.  You also do not want to use the Eating-for-LIFE book while you are in a challenge to get the body you want.  The EFL book was intended for maintenance after you have reached your goal.  As for nuts, I don't think they are recommended.  I followed the list in the original book.  Check this website.  If you don't see nuts listed, you really shouldn't eat them unless you don't really care (I say that because some people really don't and will tell you they don't).  Here is a post I put out yesterday that may help you:

    "...if you care anything about your results you will not eat what's not listed in the book or on this site.  Almonds, although generally a good healthy choice, are not listed.  When BFL was put together Bill Phillips and now EAS took the time to figure out what works.  I can tell you from my own personal experience and some weird crazy nut craving I had through 3 of my 5 completed challenges that the nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc. are better left for free day.  If I had been good about it I probably could have done without an extra challenge to get where I needed to be, back to the old me.  Just my 2 cents. :-)"

    As for eating veggies, you should have them with at least 2 of your 6 meals.  In the EFL book (page 39) it basically says this...The right amount of a serving of VEGETABLES is approximately what you might imagine you can hold in the cupped palm of your hand. For example, a portion of steamed broccoli could be a little or a lot, depending on your appetite, really.  You see, with vegetables, you have a lot of leeway—you don’t have to limit yourself to a certain amount, and you certainly don’t have to force feed yourself a certain serving size.

    Hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • The celery?  Pile it on, your body will love the fiber.  Carrots start to look more like a carb because of the natural sugar.  Your snack is pretty good over all.  You are missing a protein component there if this "snack" is one of your six meals.  If this snack is in addition, that amount of carrots and celery is probably OK.  

    The fruit with fat free cottage cheese is an authorized meal that many people enjoy.

    The low-fat "cheese sticks," I am assuming is part skim mozzarella.  This is one of those EFL vs. BFL original list discrepancies.  It really depends on your goals and if you are looking for accelerated results or slower results.  I would probably use them occasionally if they are something you really enjoy, but because of the fat gram/protein gram ratio there would be better choices for more frequent use.

    If you have the specific nutrition data from the package that would be helpful.


    I am adding this part after reading Sharon's post above.  I really only use two veggies, Frozen Broccoli and Frozen Green Beans.  Honestly I don't put any limit on what I can eat of these.  If I think I am hungrier than usual, I may even have what could be called 3 portions all at one time.  My prep for these is just microwave, nothing at all added.

  • Sorry.  By "snack"  I mean my mid morning and mid afternoon "meal".  Just the term I use.  I did read that today.  I just want to make sure that eating carrots with several meals is alright.  They are a bit sweet and I could see where they could be considered a carb on their own, but I do just eat 2/3 to one carrot per meal.  Thanks for the response!  I think I am going to remove the nuts.  Perhaps replace them with black beans.  

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Holly and I am new to body for life. I am in week one of my first challenge. I am doing very well so far, but have a question also about nutrition I guess. I don't know if anyone has this problem with whey protein but it makes my stomach feel so bloated and upset. I have tried it before starting my challenge and I had a shake after my workout yesterday and Im not sure why it upsets my stomach so bad? I am using the EAS vanilla whey protein. I have tried mixing it in the blender, and just in a glass but it doesnt seem to matter. After like two or three hours of drinking it my stomach seems fine again, but until then its bad news. I like doing the shakes because it is quick and convenient for me. If anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Ah phooey!  Beans are carbohydrates!  Gonna stick to cottage cheese I guess.

    to Holly:

    "I have tried it before starting my challenge and I had a shake after my workout yesterday and Im not sure why it upsets my stomach so bad?"

    I cannot be sure, and I do not know what is in your shake, but...

    before I started the program, I was just trying to watch what I eat, and I would eat some FiberOne bars.  They were absolutely delicious, but (and it took me a while to find out they were the culprit) they were causing me horrible gastrointestinal uncomfort.  Turns out, I do not digest the type of fiber in those bars well.  Again, I cannot say that this is your issue, but I would look at the ingredients on the packaging.  Could be something other than fiber, but perhaps there is something in there that your digestive tract has an issue with.  Maybe try cutting out the shakes and see if it gets better, and then try a different brand.

    Good luck!