Anybody out there have the Muscle Media CD?

  • You know the one(s)... with about a decade of magazines in digital format.  At one time you could get it from this site but I believe it has been years since it was last offered.  I've looked everywhere including EBAY to no avail.  I'd really like to get my hands on it if someone out there could point me in the right direction.

  • I'm not aware of that CD.  There is a DVD  called Body of Work.  You can get it right on this site along with two DVD's with BFL success stories and a DVD on how to do Body-for-LIFE (you should still read the book).  The 4-DVD set cost $9.99.  It's great for motivation.  :-)

    Here's the link:

    If you order the 4-DVD set, you do not need to buy the Success Stories 2 video.  It's included in the 4-DVD set.

    Hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Yea... I have all the other DVDs.  They used to offer the Muscle Media CD-ROM on it looks like up until March of '08 according to but then that page disappeared:  LINK


    I know some people had to get it.  A decade of MUSCLE MEDIA in digital format for $80.  I'm kicking myself for not having jumped on the offer myself.  =(