My Meal Plan for the Day. Could someone please review?

  • Hi Everyone,

       I'm slightly OCD when it comes to starting new programs, and wanted to be sure I was following BFL correctly. Any suggestions are appreciated!


    low carb tortilla 100% whole grain

    Egg Whites


    One serving of myoplex lite


    Steamed Brown Rice Sauteed with Chicken and Vegetables



    One serving of Myoplex lite



    BBQ'd Chicken ***


    I cup of Whole Wheat Pasta


    ***OK, here is where I am having problems. I have a HUGE SWEET TOOTH. I generally have a skinny cow after dinner,  and on the BFL packet, it did say that frozen treats (low fat/sodium/ and fruit ones) are OK to have. Can I still keep my Skinny Cows? Or does anyone else have another suggestion, that wouldn't blow it?*** 

    Also: I'm SO used to doing 40 minutes of Cardio a day. Which does help me lose weight, but it takes forever. I consider myself a pretty avid exerciser, and am still having trouble believing that 20 mins of cardio is enough! I guess the proof is in the pudding, but part of me is worried, that I won't lose weight at all! I suppose I just have to have faith, stick with the program and wait for results.

  • It's understandable worrying that 20 minutes won't do as much as 40 - but the key is that you're doing interval training, basically.  What this does is help train your heart to build reserves, instead of teaching it to endure long periods of stress more efficiently.  Also - you may not show that you burn as many calories at the time, but you end up burning more calories/fat after your weight loss with a HIIT vs. straight cardio.  I'm in week 11 and I've lost 14 lbs of fat - or about 10% of my body weight.

    I don't remember reading that frozen treats were OK to have - but i imagine if they are fruit/dairy they and not loaded with fat or sugar they might work.  They trick is - will it fit your meal/portion requirements?  The hardest part for my evening "dessert" is finding something that satisfies my sweet tooth AND has enough protein.  We do a lot of yogurt/fruit/protein powder or cottage cheese and fruit late night meals here.

  • buffychick007,

    I didn't know frozen treats were on the BFL approved foods list.  My kids have them sometimes.  Looking at the label for a cone, the carbs are 28gms and the protein is 4gms.  Since my lean body mass is about 120lbs, I shoot for 120gms protein and 120gms carbs per day; that means 20gms carbs and 20gms protein in each of six meals per day.  So, for me the 28gms of carbs is too high, and the 4gms protein is way too low.  How would you get your protein for that meal?

    Have you tried the protein pudding?  Lots of people really like it.  Try the recipe section for some approved sweet treats.  


  • Mix your protein powder and some frozen sugar free fruit in the blender with a  little bit of stevia.  It's like a milkshake or smoothie and works on my sweet tooth.   And if that doesn't work then go brush your teeth.  Something about the mint of the toothpaste and a clean mouth will curb the urge for sweets.

  • I like the Myoplex Lite shake packets mixed with a little skim milk, water and ice for a sweet treat.  That seems to do the trick for me, as well as the Myoplex Lite bars, they're like a candy bar or cookie type treat.


  • Forgot to say to blend the shake in the blender so it's thick and frosty!!!


  • Oh and Buffychick007- You're meal plan sounds fine, very similar to my own meal plans which are working out just fine.


  • Buffychick007 -

    I agree with Gypsy - your meal plan looks great.  For me, I only do a half cup of pasta or brown rice, but I am only 5'3", so I need less carbs per meal (20gms carbs, 20gms protein for each of the six meals) than others may need.


  • buffychick007 - I highly recommend that you read the book, review the authorized food list in the book and on this website.  You should be having 6 meals a day and doing 20 minutes cardio.  You can't possibly be the only person who has done BFL where the 20 minutes does not work. :-)  Trust the program.  It works!

    I suggest you not sauteed anything and that you not use sauces including BBQ.  Eat as clean as you can.  Really enjoy the taste of the food as it is.  You'd be surprised at what you've been missing.  I realized that having a baked sweet potato was just as great plain as it was when adding all the extras (pre-BFL).  I also suggest you not call your meals in the usual way (breakfast, snack, etc.).  Refer to them as Meal 1, meal 2 otherwise you may find yourself with higher portions than you should be having because you'll be thinking in the way you did before BFL.  You are missing a 6th meal so add that.  Other than that, your meals look great.

    If you do the 20 minutes HIIT cardio, you'll understand why 20 minutes is enough.  It will really wear you out.  Here's a clip from the 4 DVD set sold on this website on how the cardio should be done.  Hope this helps

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Also check out a this post I put on another thread earlier today.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!