Question on Exercise for the Experts

  • What is the feeling about combining cardio and strength training in one day?  I am in my fourth week of a challenge and seem to have life get in the way each week.  I am able to complete all 6 workouts but only if I double up.

    I need some thoughts and good insight if this is not the best way to get the time in each week. 


  • The only draw back to doing both in one day is that one of them will suffer in the intensity in which you accomplish it.  By all means, if this is the ONLY way you can get them in then do it.  

    I also recommend doing the weights first because you will likely struggle to get the weights in to a level 10 if you do the cardio first.

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  • What is your schedual like? Are you doing 3 days of workouts then taking 4 days off? or is it every other day your working out?

    If your doing 3 days straight then taking 4 days off the wieght training is going to suffer because you will be doing upper and then upper again with only 1 day rest between. If you have to do all of your training in 3 straight days you would see better results just doing 2 weight day a week one upper and one lower with 1 day rest between.

    If your doing your workout every other day it would be best if you could do cardio in the morning before your first meal and then weights in the late afternoon or evaning.

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