Why am I struggling so bad??

  • Hi all it is Laurie from waxahachie. I have not done good at all. I have struggled so bad. I want to lose this weight and get healthy badly I just can't seem to cross the abyss. I have a lot on my plate right now but that should not matter I have plenty of time to workout and nothing to keep me from eating right. I have come up with every excuse in the book, but that is all they are....excuses, and you know what they say about excuses!!!

    Last year I had hernia surgery for a hernia in my belly button and now it is back. It does not stop me from working out, and I do not want to have the surgery until some of this belly fat is gone so it does not return. I am going to have to have the surgery this summer when school is out and you would think that would be enough motivation to get my ass in gear.

    I have said all that to say I restarted the challenge today, and it has been a good day so far. I will check in here everyday because that seems to help me stay accountable and I look forward to once again being a part of the coffee crew.

    Thanks for listening to me ramble, Laurie-wax,tx


  • Hey Laurie whatchamacalit!! I missed you! Glad you are back. :)

  • Laurie as you know Rome wasn't built in a day.  You just keep getting back up and back on the bicycle!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Yes, Laurie you were missed!! We didn't know where the Waxmyhatchet lady went to! lol!! Coming to this place is what keeps me motivated and having a strong support system (amazing BFL friends!) is what keeps me chuggin' along...I KNOW I CAN, I KNOW I CAN, I KNOW I CAN...

    You CAN too Laurie!!!  We'll let you ramble anytime!! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Laurie,

     I recommend for you to do a rewrite!

    ie: from now on I will DO good, I will no longer struggle, I am READY to lose this weight, the abyss is BEHIND me, I am PUTTING MYSELF FIRST so I can more easily tackle whats on my plate...you get the idea

    About your hernia surgery- Plan backwards   Choose the day YOU want to have it, then map what you are going to do to assure you get it done on terms you are happy with! It is your summer, why not plan on showing off your scar!lol

    The power of positive-you are in charge thinking- goes a long way!

    I know you can do all that you desire! Best wishes!


  • Welcome Back Laurie! Hang in there and stick with it and you will see amazing results, I promise!

    You can do this! I know you can! I will be cheering for you! Keep us posted! We do care!


    Sylvia Bortman

    2006 BFL Grand Champion Women's 50+


    Hang in there mate, I like what Kat said to you - that was spot on!  Please don't waist the next 5 months in regret honey, you know you can do this, C2 is always harder for everyone, we really have to dig deep to keep fighting until the passion comes back again.

    If you keep coming here every day, you know it's harder to "disappear" when you are connected to people, especially ones that care to see you succeed, no matter HOW LONG it takes - we will be here for you.

    C'MON LAURIE - SHOW ME SOME OF THAT TEXAN SPUNK!  I think you are from Texas - haha  hope so!

    Hugs - Debs xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Thank you all sooo much!!!!

    Kat I like what you said and that is for sure my new way of thinking. As mommies we tend to put everyone else's needs before our own. Well my kids are pretty much grown now and it is way past time for me to put myself first.

    Debs, yes I am from Texas, born and raised!! I will come here everyday, I was late today cause I got to sleep in, then I had class so I am just now getting on here. I hope at some point we will "run into each other" on here.

    I also like the idea of pre setting the date for surgery and will talk to my doctor about that!!

    Once again thank you everyone!!

    Love, Laurie


  • Laurie,

    Now you're talking!  Go after your dream...we are all SO WORTH IT!

  • G'day Beth!

    Yay Laurie - you can do it mate!


  • Hey Laurie!!  I have wondering about you.  I am soooo glad to see you back.  One of the things I am focusing on is I really have to take care of myself now, so that I can take care of everyone else later.  We are having to take more and more on of taking care of my in-laws, they aren't supposed to drive anymore.  My parents might not be far behind.  And I am still looking forward to grandchildren, so I want to be sure that I am physically fit and capable of handling these upcoming responsibilities.  You need to think about this also.  And I love the idea about planning for your surgery and where you want to be when it occurs.

  • Hi girl! I re started again today after 3 weeks of illness. So let's do this! :)