Challenge 2, Week 1, Day 1 - BRING IT ON!

  • Thank god!  No more active rest!!!!  I thought I was going to go insane!   However when I weighed in today I was down another 2 lbs and measurements showed about 1/4 inch more off the waist, abodmen & hips.  So I feel pretty good about my week of active rest.  I was a little concerned that without the structure of the program I would take a few steps backwards.   But I stuck to the basic structure of the eating plan and used my elliptical and stayed active.   It was a good test for the "for life" part of the program and probably why you need to take that time (besides giving you muscles a rest).

    I'm excited to see what the next 12 weeks will bring.  My daughter told me if I keep going I'll look like that Jillian girl.  Got to love that!!!   Even if she is just saying it to make her Mama feel good!

    So here we go.....C2W1D1!  BRING IT ON!

  • Off you go!  Congrats on starting a new challenge and it's wonderful to hear you are still going down in weight and measurements on active rest.  I am in my last week and wondering what I'm going to do with myself without my "routine" every morning!  Best of luck with Cycle 2... rock it!

    runninggrl :)

  • Good luck!

    I am scared to death to begin C1W1D1, was it hard? How did you structure a typical day?

  • Atta girl HeatherC - give it horns. The changes you will see in C2 will amaze you - the muscles and veins  will appear in the lower abs  and your shoulders probably. Small things, but more noticeable - watch yourself when lifting those free weights - you are getting stronger and leaner with each workout now that your furnace is primed and the coals are HOT! Remember those obliques too - I didnt realize how important they were till C3 to keep the abs looking solid.

    I am excited for you. :)

  • Oh it felt so good to wake up with sore arms today!  I have missed that feeling!    Thanks everyone!  I'm excited too!  I know I will have a few obstacles with the rally but I cannot wait to see what I can accomplish with another 12 weeks!  

  • Go Jillian Go...I mean Heather! =) Rock it, Woman!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Good job Heather....the changes you made are from the inside out.  Its all good!  I can relate to the in between feeling.  I am on D30 of C2 and it was great to get back to the routine.......Now its wierd...I don't feel like I'm in a mental state of newness because I know what to expect.  And I pushed myself on a Cardio run and my right hamstring is on the edge of giving out so I feel like I'm losing ground as I am not peaking it out....arrrghh!!!!

    But as you say - bring it on!!!  Here we go......LBWT in the AM!


    PS. Thanks for posting your pictures.  I need ot post mine.  There something inside thats keeping me from posting??  

  • Great challenge HeatherC!!  You may not remember me.  I have been missing a lot around here because of father's health problems.  I remember you though and I was thrilled when I saw your pictures.  You did a fantastic job.  If you keep going like you are going, your daughter may be right on the money.

  • Hey Heather!

    Good for you to be on the C2 now! =)

    I just finished my C1 and am happy with the results as well.  I'm taking a week off but haven't been eating properly =/  

    In any case, I can't wait to start again on Monday because I'm sick and tired of the lethargy and bore already! I wanna work out again! lol

    Anyway good luck with the C2 and see you at the finish line!


  • Thanks!  It feels so good to have sore muscles again!   I can say that here because you guys don't think I'm nuts like everyone else!