19-Year Old in Need of Motivation!!!!!!

  • Hello,


    I'm a 19-year old young woman who needs a little push. I'm starting the BFL 12-Week Program today and am feeling really unmotivated and depressed. Over the weekend I was so excited and ready, but I woke up today feeling this way. Part of the reason is because I have done the BFL program on and off since I was 13, all times being unsuccessful. Now I am 70+ pounds overweight and very unhappy. I want this time to be the LAST time I go through this without results. I've come up with my goals and future vision over the weekend. I know I will feel much better once I get started, but I'm just afraid that I might feel this way throughout the 12 weeks. I NEED MOTIVATION!!!!



  • Mophilly,

    Congratulations on your decision to be here and start some new behaviors.  The good news is that there are literally hundreds of people here who want to see you be successful.  We can offer our encouragement and support.

    The reality is that only YOU can motivate you.  The first step to getting that motivation is by changing your eating and exercise habits.  The hard part for some folks to understand is that BFL doesn't come with any gimmicks.  It is all about hard work and discipline.  You must be fully committed to a real change this time.  

    I think many of us here have experienced the kind of depression that comes with being overweight.  Not exactly the same way that you do, but similar.  Each one of us is different.

    Every week, heck every day of the 12 week challenge and subsequent lifestyle change WILL make you stronger, healthier, leaner and more confident.  At your age you have a wonderful opportunity to make the change early so you don't have to carry the weight and depression for life.  Many of us "older" folks have punished our minds and bodies for too long.

    Please consider checking out the thread for others that started BFL this week.  You can walk through the process with them.

    My best wishes for health, happiness and discipline to you.