• Ok, I know that I've read the book, probably to quickly so my hubby is reading it now.  I have three more questions.

    1.  why no fruit?

    2.  when will I eventually stop craving chocolate?

    3.  I'm not signed up for the challenge and really can't afford the myoplex.  can anyone recomend something else in place of the shakes?


    Thanks so much and have a blessed Memorial Day,




  • You can have fruit.  Apples, oranges, melons, strawberries are all approved carbs.

    Can't say for sure as it's not the same for everyone but it was about week 7 or 8 that I noticed I no longer had any cravings or desire to eat sweets.

    There are lots of protein powders and shakes out there.  Check Walmart for some more affordable options.

  • I eat all of the fruit Heather mentioned.  My cravings for chocolate never went away, but I actually have the willpower now to eat some cottage cheese and fruit and feel satisfied instead of giving in to temptation.  I also found myself not craving sweets nearly as often after the first couple weeks b/c you eat so often with this plan, that you don't get starving. You can have a high protein snack instead of the shake also (eggs, Greek yogurt, chicken ***, etc) but having protein powder and shakes really saved me as far as planning my meals.  

    runninggrl :)

  • Some of your favorite things you will never stop craving.  What will happen if you have the right mindset is deal with those cravings in different ways.  In my past if I craved ice cream or cookies or pizza or whatever, I would just go out and get them.  Now I focus on my health and weight loss.  I ask myself "Is it worth it?"  My answer now is to wait until my free day.  Each time I quash the cravings I make myself stronger.  All my life I just gave in to whatever food I needed to be happy.  That behavior made me more unhappy with myself in the long run.

    I still look forward to ice cream and cookies or pizza or whatever, I just discipline myself to enjoy them in moderation.  I know when I get to my maintenance weight I will be able to re-strategize, but for now I eat clean 6 days a week.