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  • Hi, my name is Sheila and I am starting Body for Life after the Memorial Day Weekend.  I have allot of questions so I'm hoping you can help.

    1.  Do I have to have the myoplex shakes and/or bars?  can they be substituted for another nutrition shake as the myoplex is a bit pricy.

    2.  I'm not sure if I'm allowed to have coffee and diet sodas. Can I ?

    3.  What about dressings and salt?  Can I have these?

    4.  Where can I find more recipies?


    Just a few.   Hope to hear from you


  • If you're planning to enter the official challenge, you have to use at least one EAS product. If you aren't entering, you can certainly use other brands.

    Coffee is OK but it's best to go decaf, not use creamers or sweetners, unless something like Stevia, Truvia, or maybe Splenda.

    Dressings should be low fat or fat free. As for salt, watch to make sure your sodium levels aren't too high. Try to start reading food labels. It will help you a lot!

    You can find recipes under the Library link at the top of the website. I bet someone else will know other good places to find more recipes too.  Hope this helps you. And good luck!!


  • Hiyas Sheila and welcome.  Congrats on your decision to get healthier.

    Everybody has an opinion and here's mine on your questions.

    1.  If you are intending on entering the challenge and sending in your packet to win, you have to use some EAS products like Myoplex.  I myself just use the bulk EAS Premium Protein or Body Fortress Protein.  I don't use bars unless I take a bite every few days for my sweet tooth.

    2.  Many people enjoy coffee while doing BFL.  I have a few cups every morning and then drink straight water for the rest of the day.  Some think that the artificial sweeteners all day can impact your cravings and blood chemistry.  The advice I see most often is to just eliminate the artificial sweeteners all together if you can.

    3.  Dressings are usually full of fat and or sugar.  Check out the nutrition labels for yourself.  A little salt isn't going to hurt you, too much will have you retaining alot of water.  

    4.  Best bet for BFL recipes is to google "BFL Recipes."  There are some recipes listed on this site and others.  The important thing is to use your common sense when reading the ingredients.  Some folks are more liberal with what is allowed.  My suggestion is to work from the original authorized food list only.  

    My very best wishes for health, happiness and discipline to you.


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  • Sheila-Welcome to the challenge! It's great that you are planning ahead like this! Some just dive right in without that careful planning, so you are ahead of the game already!

    Mike and James are right...just want to add what I do:

    1. I use one Myoplex shake per day, but use another reg protein powder for my second shake of the day, if it's just a protein shake, make sure you add a carb to it.

    2. I drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day, put fat free creamer(just a bit) and a pk of splenda; I haven't had a diet soda or any soda since last year...I have found the artificial sweetners do cause cravings for me so I just took out my Diet Cokes all together.

    3. I use the fat-free Raspberry vinegarette dressing, just drizzled on the top still does the job! Yes, watch sodium intake and read labels.

    4. Some people use the Eating for Life book...usually it's said to use it during maintenance but it can still be adapted to fit into a regular meal plan. I pretty much go by the pg. 83 of the original book. One of my favorite quick meals is Lean ground turkey, mixed with black beans and salsa.

    Keep coming back to the forum for support and questions and best wishes to your success! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Good for you Sheila!  Here is my input:

    1.  Do I have to have the myoplex shakes and/or bars?  can they be substituted for another nutrition shake as the myoplex is a bit pricy.  As long as you have used an EAS product once you are good.  Note about the bars, it is better to use them in emergency situations.  Shakes are better.

    2.  I'm not sure if I'm allowed to have coffee and diet sodas. Can I ?  You can have coffee and diet sodas, but beware of the sodas, they tend to be craving triggers.

    3.  What about dressings and salt?  Can I have these?  Try not to add salt, you want to keep your sodium level down and I always go without dressing but just like soda, I weaned myself from the need to have it.  Here's a very good tip:  Dip your fork into the dressing and then into your salad.  That way you aren't adding a lot of extras to your meal.

    4.  Where can I find more recipies?  Go to the Library tab at the top of this page and you'll see a few links related to food and meals.

    Welcome to the Challenge!

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Just a thought:

    Yesterday I had this conversation with a lady in the office who is considering BFL.  She kept asking if she could have sauces, add this or add that.  What I realized in tell her "no" is that we forget how good food taste without having to add anything.  Enjoy the juices that flow from the vegtables in your salads especially if you use dressing just to keep the salad's already in there. :)  I've been eating baked sweet potatos lately and darn it if it doesn't taste great without adding stuff to it, same thing with oatmeal.  Maybe it becomes habit after a while but I sure do remember needing to add stuff before but I don't anymore. :-)  I wasn't missing a thing by eating clean.  

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Congrats on beginning a new change in your life.  (I am beginning this weekend too!)

    For my salads, I find that a tbs of olive oil and a tbs of either red wine vinegar OR balsamic vinegar add great flavor without all the "extras" that come with bottled dressings.  I hope you find it enjoyable too!  Best of luck to you.

    Nancy Jo

  • thank you so much for your information.  I haven't registered for the challenge, at least I don't think I did. :)  I'm looking forward to doing this as I have gained about 40 lbs over the past 5 years.  I am worried about keeping up with the exercise portion as I am a smoker, ugh! and I am overweight.  I'll go as far as I can until I pass out.  Kidding of course.

    thanks again,


  • thank you so much for your information.  I haven't registered for the challenge, at least I don't think I did. :)  I'm looking forward to doing this as I have gained about 40 lbs over the past 5 years.  I am worried about keeping up with the exercise portion as I am a smoker, ugh! and I am overweight.  I'll go as far as I can until I pass out.  Kidding of course.

    thanks again,


    p.s.  great weight loss!!!!! I'm excited for you

  • Sheila,

    Just wanted to put in my two cents!  Most women need approx. 20gms protein and 20gms carbs per meal, six meals per day.  That is for a woman with approx. 120lbs lean body mass.  Use the palm, fist method with veggies and lean meats, but for things that cannot be "measured" that way, read labels and count grams of protein and carb.  For cottage cheese and yogurts, use labels.  Greek yogurt is great because it is higher in protein than other yogurts, and low in carbs.  CHOBANI sells 6oz servings of a bunch of different flavors.  Add about a tbsp of low carb protein powder and that gets the protein up to about 20gms, and just over that for carbs (20.5gms).  That is a great meal.

    Remember that for best fat loss results, work out first thing in the morning, in a fasted state.  That being said, if that is just not possible for you, then wait one to one and a half hours after a meal, and workout.  Also, after HIIT cardio, wait at least one hour after the workout before you eat, to maximize fat burning.  But, after weights, eat or take a shake (whey is best after weights) within 30 minutes of your workout to allow muscles to begin repair immediately.

    Different proteins are absorbed and assimilated differently in the body.  Just remember casein (cottage cheese and greek yogurt) are absorbed s-l-o-w-l-y, so use one of these as your last meal of the day, even right before bed.  People on here eat cottage cheese with fruit, or mix cottage cheese and yogurt, or try the greek yogurts.  Then while you are fasting overnight, the body uses these proteins, instead of breaking down your precious and hard-earned muscle.  But, again after weights, use whey shakes, because they are broken down and utilized quickly for muscle building.

    One AWESOME recipe that I use in my house for BFL that even the kids love is the cottage cheese pancakes.  I make them about three times per week, and I double the recipe.  They refrigerate well, and the kids and I can just pop a couple in the microwave for breakfast.  In a blender, blend 1c. cottage cheese, 6 egg whites, splenda, cinnamon, vanilla to taste.  Blend well.  Then add 1c. whole old fashioned oats and blend...but don't overdo it, or they will be a little runny.  Just blend a little, you have to practice a little.  Then cook them up.  They are awesome.  I admit, I add some mini morsels (chocolate), and sometimes banana in the kids pancakes.

    I hope this information helps.  These are some of the main things I focus on.  Keep asking questions, and be sure to read the original BFL book.  GOOD LUCK!!



  • Hi, Sheila,

    1.  As others said, official entry requires one EAS product.  That said, I don't use myoplex at all.  I bought a lot of high quality protein powder on discount (one of my goals is to add bulk), and I make my own shakes with various combinations of milk/ice/fat free yogurt/fruit - usually at night for my last meal, in  blender.   I don't like shakes during the day, because they don't really fill me up - might be something to consider.  I also use an EAS L-glutamine supplement, which is <$20, to help with muscle recovery / soreness.

    2.  Diet sodas are a touchy subject around here.  One of the things I've noticed is that I don't need caffeine as much during the day when I'm eating 5-6 meals.  I have a couple cups of coffee - which most people will tell you is ok - just take it easy on the milk, and try to use a sugar substitute (I use Sweet 'n Low, and usually do mine after breakfast, because the caffeine spike without any calories to back it up makes me weird).  As for sodas, I'm a soda fiend.  I've managed to cut back to a single Pepsi Max every few days, but I've fallen in love with La Croix sparkling water as a substitute.

    3.  I'm not too certain about the salt part, but dressings can be tricky.  If you want something to go on veggies, I'd suggest getting a hidden valley packet of ranch seasoning and mixing it with some fat free sour cream (Daisy makes it, but it can be hard to find).  For salads, I skip dressing completely and just crumble some feta in.

    4.  I'm not sure about where the best place is to find recipes, but I'll be posting my good ones in the kitchen as I progress through my challenge.

    There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

  • I'm not sure if I replied to you earlier or not since I am brand new to this site.  YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!!