Diet Soda? Sugarfree products?

  • I have about 1 diet soda a day and have splenda or sugarfree creamer in my morning cup of joe.  Is this going to

    ruine my results or stallme??

  • Hey GubBgone.. I just started this week and had the same questions.. this was the answer fit4life gave me..

    Lots of great questions. I just completed a very successful challenge this passed Sunday so from my experience here goes....You can drink decaf coffee in fact I drank regular coffee throughout my problem. Yes you can use splenda.....just do your best to eat as plain as you can. I know many people used crystal light in their  water....I did not....I believe the more plain water you can drink the better but crystal light will not hurt. Sprite zero or any other diet drink is not the best but I wouldn't be anal about it.....if you feel like having one have one but nothing beats plain water. Sugar free candy....again....if you are really craving something sweet it's better than a piece of chocolate cake..but keep in mind you want to try and change your eating habit....tastebuds....and the more you can eat without sweetners/sauces the better. Having said that.....I used mustard and ketchup and salsa sauce pretty much as much as I wanted with no problems. Tilapia (any fish) is OK. I know there are other types of fish that may contain more protein but it is still good. As someone who has done several challenges I've learned to keep things simple  and not get bogged down with little details. Follow the book as best you can and you will have a very successful 12 week challenge. All the best.


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  • Thank you so much for that answer. I worry so much, because I am trying so hard!!