A better me

  •  Just started monday, im not out of shape, im just not in the shape i want to be in. it has been a while since ive been able to lift weights due to a shoulder injury from a helecopter crash in Iraq on dec 11 2006. That required me to get surgery. I might still be pending another surgery on the same shoulder because the AC joint reseperated about 8mm while in afganistan this last december. So when the docters told me this, I stopped working out. that made my shoulder hurt worse. so now im back to lifting but on the BFL program. cant wait to start seing some results. everybody cross your fingers for me that i dont have to stop the program for another surgery 

  • Fingers crossed for you, Mikey!

    FYI -  I'm not out of shape either.  I have a shape.   ROUND.  Hey - it's a shape!  hehehe   Sorry, couldn't resist.  ;)

    Seriously, best of luck to ya!

  • mikey, I have got my fingers crossed for you.  My best wishes for you as you proceed.  From a former active duty soldier..thanks for serving.

  • First of all - thanks for serving!  I can't imagine what you've already been through, but I'm sure it's given you the strength to push through this with great success!  Hopefully you will not need another surgery, and if so, you will get some incredible practice living the BFL life!  Best of luck!

    runninggrl :)

  • Mikey - Thanks for looking out for the rest of us.  Best of luck with your challenge.  You've been through a lot and this is just one more challenge.  Best of luck with your journey.  I'm sure you've already done it, but if not the web is loaded with lists of different exercises for the shoulders so if one is too painful just try a different one.  I did this when my shoulder was in pain.  Instead of giving up shoulders altogether I just kept trying differnt ones until I was able to find one that didn't hurt and helped to strengthen the shoulder.

    Best or luck