Starting AGAIN!!

  • Well, I started BFL a few months ago and honestly I just didn't keep up with it!!!!  I'm kicking myself now because I could see results the people I work with were even saying wow you look great.  I got satisfied with just that.  I have since put back on 10 of the 30 I lost :(((  NO GOOD!!!!!!!  SO NOW I'm back at it.  I just started yesterday!  My fiance is doing it with me.  I have comitted myself to FINISHING the whole 12 weeks.  I feel great.  Last night we did a little cardio before our workout, this morning I woke up and got a 5K in.  This time, I'm really going to push myself and really watch what I'm eating.



  • Glad you're back at it Lou! You can do this thing!!!! Take it one day at a time and don't think about it being 12 weeks long. Just look at this as Day 2 of healthy living for the rest of your life! Before you know it, you'll look back and will be in the middle of week 12 and will be so glad you stuck with it!

    Way to go for starting up again!


  • Lou,

    I have some struggles myself this first challenge.  But will be on to another challenge soon.  Finishing isn't so much being motivated as it is in planning.   Plan, plan, plan.  And then just follow it.  Or as Marqui D would say, DO.  You can!