In my 20's and starting on Sunday!

  • Hi!

    I am 25 years old, single, and work full time while taking masters classes. It's a full schedule but not overwhelming.  My weight is pretty much under control (I need to lose 3 pounds to be at my goal weight) but I've noticed a drastic decrease in my strength and my energy level this past year. My senior year in high school I won a military ROTC fitness award and dang, I was strong then! But since college I have not been very physically fit.  My mom found this program and talked to me about it, and I decided that I want to start it on Sunday May 30th and work towards regaining strength and wellness. I love to eat out - and I know I need to make healthy eating a priority in my life - so that is also one of my major goals for the program.

    Anyone else out there around my age trying to reach the same goals who would you like to be BFL partners? I know if I am accountable it will make it a lot less likely that I will give up, and in turn I can help you be accountable also.

    Thanks and have a great day,


  • I'm seeing a lot of posts like this lately.  Age is not a factor when doing BFL.  It works for all ages.  Just get started and ask questions as you go along.  Everyone here on the site can help. :-)  Good for you making that decision to do it.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Im 27 and starting sunday as well.  Im about 10 lbs over my ideal weight.  I feel i have the strength, just have too much fat.

  • Have you figured out the meal part of BFL yet?  I must say that I am a little confused.  I understand the exercise and aerobic part though.  

  • Amber,

    Thats so awesome that you are starting on Sunday.  I am 25 and just like you I am in a Master's program and work full time as well.  Are we crazy or what :) Anywho... I am on my third week and I can say that its getting easier.  For me it has become a routine that I welcome.  i somewhat feel lost on my free days because I dont know what to eat.

    My weight, unlike yours, is not undercontrol. In college I was very fit and active, but after graduating I somewhat became sedentary (sp?) with a desk job.  I need to lose about 20 lbs from my goal weight.  I have so far lost an inch from my waist, hips and chest, but only about 4 lbs off my weight.  My most difficult problem is making sure that I get all my meals in.  I notice that if i miss breakfast that usually leads me into missing the second meal and making Lunch my first meal, which is really really bad.  I would love to be your partner and swap meal and workout logs with you.  Im sure it would help you and I know for sure it would help me tons.  

    Let me know.

    Good Luck!!!


  • No.  Im pretty confused with the meal part as well.  I typically eat healthy during the week.  Im more concerned with not bingeing on the weekends.  Im thinking i need to add more protein to my diet.  Im half way through the book now, hoping to get some insight.

  • Hey guys, I'm 28 working full time and on week 3 of my challenge.  I will say that I'm concentrating mostly on the eating portion of the plan since I regularly work out already in a manner similar to BFL.  To me, working at a desk job makes the eating plan super easy during the week, as long as I plan my day in advance.  My weekday routine is pretty set so I'll typically write out the week's schedule on Sunday as a guideline for packing meals in the mornings.

    Weekends, on the other hand, are soo hard to stick to - my cheat day is typically Saturday which make Sunday's rough - especially after going out the night before!  I have the strength, and am less than 10 lbs from my  goal weight.  I've noticed the scale tends not to move much for me, so I guess I'm just looking to lean out - lose the layer of fat that's hiding all the muscle definition I'm working so hard for  :o)

  • Hey Ya'll. I'm 25 y/o working full time nights and in a Master's program too. I think we are crazy for doing all this to ourselves, but somehow we make it through. I'm 5'8 and weigh 161.. I want to get down to about 145; but most of all learn how to eat better and make working out a happy and healthy habit! Glad to have yall as motivation.

  • I'm 25 y/o and need help on the work out portion of the program the most. I've followed weight watchers for a while now so I am used to tracking food. The gym on the other hand... no confidence there. I haven't officially started the program and it's partly because I am afraid of the gym! I've finally decided to start posting today in hopes it can kick my fears out the door I'm tired of failure and will not commit until I know I'm going to follow through. I've never openly talked on a forum before so posting is new to me, but if it helps this process I'm willing to give it a shot.

    I recommend looking at hungry girl recipes for some help eating healthier if thats the area you struggle in. It's portion controled servings so it makes things easy to follow, they taste great too.Some of her recipes would make for a guiltless free day since she uses foods that are not on the bfl list but are not filled with fat either.