Starting BFL 31 May 2010

  • whats bfl tracker


    They have a forum there and they seem real into their "TEAMS" There a TEAM forum where people post all their daily banter.

    Theres areas for tracking all your stats each week etc. Pretty good site. (I'm hella into online support forums LOL)

  • C1W10 IN THE BAG!

    Just fourteen more days... No more freedays... fourteen more clean eats days, three more UBWO, three more LBWO, six more HIIT...

  • Started out C1W11 yesterday with best ever Lower body Workout.  The ONLY thing holding me back on my Deadlifts now is my grip.  I finally picked up the gloves from my mom's hopefully that will work. My hands just have a super hard time holding the 45LB dumbells. I may do better with barbell but HATE going into the "lion's den" free weight room at my gym.  I do stiff leg deadlifts.

    I'm also looking at getting some versagripps. Ultimately I will get them but maybe not until C2.

    FEELING AMAZING heading into last two weeks... better than ever and really believe I'm finally leaning out a little and may drop some fat in the next fourteen days.

  • Good Job Kisha!

    My single most improved exercise is the bench press. I just benched 195 today and expect to be at 215 soon. I think it looks so cool... the bar with 4 of those 45lb plates. Wow Im amazed at the progress there.

  • wow thats really good!

    My "most improved" is calf raises LOL...

    Also doing great on leg press. My quads are super hard and big. Um, under all my fat LOL

  • Hey guys...

    anyone still around?

    Four days left of this challenge. I'm finishing VERY strong.

    I will not be doing another challenge after this.  I've decided to hire a training and nutrition coach. I think BFL is a great program and its been an awesome introduction to me eating carbs again and really working out hard.  I'm just tired of being the general in this war. I want to just be a soldier.

    I'm hiring someone to tell me what to do how to do it what to eat when to eat it etc.

    Rodie & Ridshack you guys were so great don't think I would've made it through without you two.

    I'll be posting my final results here in this thread.

    You can find me in the future on forum :)

  • Yeah Yeah! Still here. Im going to miss our adventures together. I feel like Ive grown to know you both of you enough.

    Yeah, just keep plugging along with the principles of eating right and exercise.

    I know Ive never worked as hard as when I was in Kung Fu. The teacher was a little intimidating so I tried way harder in class (-: It will help to have a coach along the way.

    How are you doing out there Rowdy Rodie? Im starting C2 on the 23rd. Come join us if you like.

    The Rowdy thing was what I believe to be a word of knowledge. But not rowdy in a sinful way (-:

  • Just posted final pics on profile.  Enjoyed the support of all of you.  Starting another one on 9/6/10.