Just starting - weight question

  • Hi Everyone, I am thinking of starting the BFL challenge Monday and have a question about weights. I have the BFL Champions book so I'm not sure if that's different from the original book, but it says for the last set to decrease the weight but it doesn't say if you're supposed to go down to the original weight you used or just down one level.. For example if I start bicep curls at 5 then go to 8, 10, 12, do I go back down to 5 for the last set? Thanks, everyone!!

  • By that point your going to be fairly tired, and just kicking it down one level might be too much. I go a little heavier than my first set, just enough so it wont burn me out b4 the superset.

  • Julie92761

    This is how I do it.  Hope it makes sense.

    5lbs = 12 reps

    8lbs = 10 reps

    10lbs = 8 reps

    12lbs = 6 reps

    10lbs = 12 reps

    Then pick another exercise at 12 reps for the same body part and what ever weight you feel is appropriate for you.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Thanks, that helps! :)