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  • Blog Post: "The ABC’s:" Always Be Challenged - Body-for-LIFE Champion Neil Haeger

    One of the many things I found which helped me stay in the game during my challenge was my short and long term goals I made, “The ABC’s.” By always being challenged, you will never find anything which gets old hat or boring. In fact you can again make a game out of it and see how daring...
  • Blog Post: Health, Happiness, and Fulfillment- Body for LIFE Champion Bryant Scott

    Joining the Body- for -LIFE challenge is the beginning of a journey that I pray all of you will soon recognize should not end with your final completion date. Rather, the challenge should be a stepping-stone that will propel you forward towards a much more enriching and fulfilling life experience. You...
  • Blog Post: 100 Mile Update - Body for LIFE Champion Bryant Scott

    After having completed the 26.5 miles and then 56 miles back to back days in my first week. I quickly learned that I have the aptitude and the heart to do the entire distance since I can will myself to do pretty much anything within reason--to me. On the other hand, while studying and reading a tremendous...