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  • Blog Post: It’s a Mind Game - Body for LIFE Champion Andrew Crouch

    It’s a Mind Game Hello to the Body-for-LIFE® community! I hope your training is challenging your body but renewing your mind at the same time. It’s amazing how powerful you really can become if your mind is right, clear, and positive about what you’re doing. Today I want to talk...
  • Blog Post: Strong to the Finish - Body for LIFE Champion Jeffrey Maniatty

    As I approach the brink of a new year I’m reminded of the excitement that stirs in the hearts of so many Body-for-LIFE contenders and advocates as they await to hear which new champions will take the stage and grab the torch. On behalf of the Body-for-LIFE Team Champions, I’m honored...
  • Blog Post: Health, Happiness, and Fulfillment- Body for LIFE Champion Bryant Scott

    Joining the Body- for -LIFE challenge is the beginning of a journey that I pray all of you will soon recognize should not end with your final completion date. Rather, the challenge should be a stepping-stone that will propel you forward towards a much more enriching and fulfilling life experience. You...