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  • Blog Post: Body-for-LIFE Champions Weekend Recap

    When I was asked to help with Champions Weekend this year, I jumped at the chance. It’s always a treat to spend time with the people who have truly been touched by the program, and I knew that meeting our 2011 Body- for -LIFE Champions would be a very special experience. These are the people who...
  • Blog Post: How to Measure Success Without the Scale

    It is safe to say just about everyone has heard the phrase “Muscle weighs more than fat.” However, many individuals remain obsessed with their scale weight. This might be attributed to fad diets or extreme weight loss television. Whatever the reason, this is truly unfortunate because the...
  • Blog Post: Change is Good

    Weight Training—for some people it is a tool for achieving a leaner composition; for some people it is a tool for getting stronger; for others it may even be a tool for stress relief. Regardless of its purpose, weight training is something that can, and should, be kept interesting and full of variety...