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    Have you tried our new product EAS Lean 15?! It’s our new protein powder and it is a great and nutritious way to help manage hunger; which can assist you in reaching your lean-body goals. The Lean 15 protein powder is packed with 15g of high quality protein. These proteins are a blend of both...
  • Blog Post: Yes You CAN

    The two major challenges of eating healthy are typically time and money. If everyone could afford the freshest, high quality ingredients, and had the time to cook and prepare them everyday, we would all do it! How can you benefit from more healthful, unprocessed fresh produce and meat, and also save...
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    With the public’s rising interest in fitness and nutrition, more and more carbohydrate products in the supermarket are available with a “whole grain” option. Whether it is crackers, bread, frozen waffles, cereal or pasta, it is very common to see label statements such as “Whole...