Lean 15™

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Have you tried our new product EAS Lean 15?! It’s our new protein powder and it is a great and nutritious way to help manage hunger; which can assist you in reaching your lean-body goals.

The Lean 15 protein powder is packed with 15g of high quality protein. These proteins are a blend of both fast digesting whey protein and slowly digesting micellar casein to provide your muscles with a steady supply of amino acids. The product also contains 5g of dietary fiber, including 1.2g prebiotics, to promote digestive health. In addition to that, the product contains the antioxidants vitamins C and E, and selenium for immune support and B-vitamins for energy and protein metabolism. All of this in one 100 calorie serving!

The product can be incorporated into the Body-For-LIFE way of eating in several different ways. Below are some suggestions to create a Body-For-LIFE authorized meal:

  •  Add one scoop of chocolate Lean 15 protein powder to a 6 ounce cup of strawberry yogurt for a tasty chocolate covered strawberry like dessert.
  •  Add one scoop of vanilla Lean 15 protein powder, 2 tsp of cinnamon and 2 tsp of Splenda™ brown sugar to ½ cup of already prepared oatmeal for a vanilla- cinnamon brown sugar flavored bowl of oatmeal.
  •  Add one scoop of vanilla Lean 15 protein powder with 1 cup of milk, 4-5 large ice cubes and ½ cup of your favorite frozen fruit for a delicious fruit smoothie.


-The BFL Team

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  • I looked for the lean15 tonight but my walmart did not carry it in store. I ended up getting the soy protein powder which I hope will work just as well. I'm going to keep looking for it and buy that when I run out of the soy protein powder.

  • I saw an advertisement for the BFL starter kit.  I followed the link to the Abbott labs site and could not find the starter kit.  I also looked on the EAS site.  Could you give me a direct link to the BFL starter kit?  Thank you.